Indy Comic Con Day Two: Overview

The Super Troopers helped keep Comic Con safe.

We’re a little over halfway through the weekend now, and so far Comic Con has not disappointed. There were a lot of great events lined up for Saturday, which has been busier by far than Friday. And that’s for a good reason, too. Today’s panels included some of the highlights for this year’s Comic Con.


The most popular celebrity panels, which mostly included actors, all took place today. These included Sean Astin’s Q&A, as well as Wallace Shawn, and Jonathan Frakes. Harry Potter fans also got a big treat with James and Oliver Phelps’ panel (the Weasley twins). And lastly, Stranger Things’ David Harbour hosted his own Q&A panel.


Along with the wealth of celebrity guest panels, several competitions took place throughout the day. One was the facial hair competition, which I was severely under-prepared for. One week’s worth of stubble just wasn’t going to cut it.

The competition I did manage to cover (though not compete in), was this year’s Cosplay Contest, and definitely a highlight of the day. There was both a kids and adult portion to the contest, and included a wide variety of elaborate and creative costumes.

Additional Panels

And of course throughout the day there was an abundance of miscellaneous panels on topics ranging from improv and stand up comedy, to discussions on the intricacies of various fictional worlds and characters. I’ll try to get to all of the panels I visited in later articles, but for now you’ll have to be satisfied with this brief overview.



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