Youtuber Amy Landino: “Vlog Like a Boss”


    So, we’re about three months in to 2018 now and the question of the day is… how’s your year going so far?

    Some of us made glorious new year’s resolutions… and promptly broke them. The thing is, the old adage is true: you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make’m giddy-up. Wait no, that’s not right… wait, I got it! Drink! You can’t make’m drink! Silly, but see my point? We’re a quarter of the way into the new year and some of us have already fallen into a blurry slump and need a colossal kick in the tush to get us back up and running. After all, we’ve got only nine short months to make this year a fantastic something-to-remember!

    Enter Amy Landino.  

    Some of you may know her best by her assertive “What’s up, Socials?” greeting at the start of her every video. While Amy certainly is fashion and beauty savvy, you won’t find that type of content in the bulk of her videos.

    Amy is a motivational speaker and published author whose passion and life-mission is to encourage people into their dreams. Amy knows very well that sometimes the hardest part is getting started when it comes to our dreams, goals, and ambitions. Sometimes we just simply need permission. Not from others. Permission from ourselves.

    Now, at first glance at her soft and cozy “hygge-like” background atmosphere, you may write Landino off as just another fluffy Youtube tutorial princess, but just go ahead and click on that video. She may look soft, but her videos pack an assertive punch. Amy brings just the right amount of professional coolness with the relativity of a friend.

    Amy’s channel is about practicality. Yeah, she throws a few “looking good” tips in there, but the majority of her videos are about how to live and work smarter. From, “How to Wake Up at 5 a.m.” in the name of productivity to “Time Management Tips That Actually Work”, you’ll find exactly what you need to get you motivated.

    Landino’s material is slanted more towards the business-minded, but her principles apply across the board. And if you get through all of her videos and decide you want more, Amy’s book Vlog Like a Boss will keep you satiated.

    Want to see Amy in person?

    Landino also has public speaking in her repertoire. Amy has spoken at numerous conferences not only state-side, but across the seas including in the UK and Paris.

    Okay, so you watched the videos. You’ve read the book. Now your Encouragement Tank is full and that dream is just a-bursting to come out. Not sure where to start? You can also attend Vlog Like a Boss University with various levels of membership to get coaching from Amy to help walk you through the process step by step.

    Now your toolkit is packed and you’re ready to rip into the rest of 2018 like no one’s business! You can also listen to her Podcasts on iTunes to help keep you motivated throughout the year.

    Happy New Start, Socials!


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