Indy Comic Con 2018 Day One: Exhibitor Hall


I’ve been at the Indianapolis Comic Convention for a little over four hours now. Already my legs are tired, my stomach is growling, and I’ve spent possibly too much money. But hey, this only happens once a year. And besides, I’m pretty proud of my haul so far.

The Exhibitor Hall for Indy Comic Con 2018 is located in Hall G of the Indianapolis Convention Center on 100 S. Capitol Avenue. The hall is massive, and packed with cosplayers, artists, writers, creators, and fans.

Yes, that is Optimus Prime

One of the coolest attractions in the Exhibitor Hall is the massive blue and red semi of Optimus Prime from Transformers. Right next to it are rows of arcade games. Some are free to play, and some will cost you a quarter or two. If you’re not into video games and art is more your style, you’ll be in luck, because there are so many talented artist booths lined up and down the hall.

Just one example of the talent this year.

It also wouldn’t be Comic Con without comics, and the exhibitor hall doesn’t disappoint there, either. I snagged myself a few five dollar steals. One of them being Ms. Marvel Generation Why, by G. Willow Wilson. I also found a graphic novel adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, as well George A. Romero’s Empire of the Dead.

Okay, so maybe it was seven dollars. Still worth it.

There are also a bunch of great cosplayers out wandering the Exhibitor Hall, taking pictures for anyone with a camera. I captured a few to share, and hey, I even found Waldo!

Yup. Definitely him.

The Con will run till midnight tonight, and I’ll be here the whole time covering different panels, activities, and other happenings. So stay tuned for more.


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