Preview: The Steel Wheels at the Hi-Fi

Folk Band the Steel Wheels Come to Play Indy’s Hi-Fi on April 4th!

American folk music has never really gone out of style here in the Midwest, what with us being the folksy bunch we are. It’s certainly not hard to see why. After all, from the French Creole music of Missouri to African-American spirituals, folk has never lacked for variety. And with as many cultures as America has absorbed over the years, it should come as no surprise that we have a lot traditional music to offer. With that in mind, don’t forget to check out the Steel Wheels when they come to town on the 4th! They’ll be playing our very own Hi-Fi, so stop by if you have a free evening.

A Brief History

Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains (where else?), the Steel Wheels began as vocalist Trent Wagler’s pet project. The group took shape when Wagler met mandolinist Jay Lapp in Harrisonburg, Virginia. With the further addition of bassist (upright) Brian Dickel and fiddler Eric Brubaker, the Steel Wheels took their present shape.

After that, things happened pretty quickly. Just a couple of years after their formation, the Steel Wheels received seven nominations from the 2010 Independent Spirit Awards. Likewise, their song “Nothing You Can’t Lose netted them “Best Country Song” at the 10th annual IMA awards as well as the Vox Pops awards. With a start like that, one could excuse them for growing a bit cocky, to say the least. Even more so when one learns that those awards were only a fraction of what they actually took home. Since then, the Steel Wheels have appeared in festivals all over the world, a while releasing numerous albums. Proving that a packed schedule can never really keep you from doing what you love.

Their Sound

The Steel Wheels play a fairly pure folk/roots mix that’s as Americana as coonskin caps and baseball mitts. That said, they also blend plenty of contemporary county into their sound. Normally, this would probably be detrimental to the quality of their work, but instead gives it a timeless quality. They have all the classic instrumentation of course, and aren’t nearly as experimental as say, Low Anthem or Tom Waits. Theirs is the sort of music you listen to with a mint julip in one hand and a clutch of peanuts in the other.

So, as always. The venue is the Hi-Fi, door’s at 7:30.

See you there!


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