Preview: Manners, Please at Black Circle Brewing Co.


Next Friday, April 6th, Black Circle Brewing Co. in Indianapolis will be presenting a concert at their venue in South Broad Ripple. Taking the stage there will be three local Indianapolis bands, each playing in a different genre. It’ll be a widespread night with something for everyone. Opening the night will be Manners, Please. They’ll be followed by Black Cat Rebellion, and Chemical Envy.

Manners, Please.

Manners, Please is a local, female-led, indie soul and synth pop band that writes music with catchy melodies and heavy rhythms. According to their website, the band first started out as a collaborative duo project between vocalists Katrina Bolyard and Jennasen Updike. Their early performances “combined alluring harmonies, a mix of electronic and percussive instruments, and an unforgettable stage presence”.

After joining up with other talented musicians, Manners, Please settled on a full lineup. Their current members are Katrina Bolyard (vocals), Jennasen Updike (vocals, keys), Deak Hall (drums), Nick Snyder (bass), and Grady Neff (guitar).

To find out more about Manners, Please you can visit their website. You can also find them on Facebook.

Black Cat Rebellion

Black Cat Rebellion is a local punk rock band that dubs their genre “dark and dangerous rock and roll”. Their debut album “Lovers of the Bizarre” came out in 2015. You can listen to the sole release by visiting Bandcamp. Black Cat Rebellion hasn’t released anything since then, but at least they’re still getting out there for live shows.

Black Cat Rebellion consists of Brad St. Patrick (vocals, guitar), Rob Nuetzmann (bass), Robert Trowbridge (guitar), and Steve Prince (drums). You can learn more about Black Cat Rebellion by visiting their website, or Facebook page.

Chemical Envy

The last band playing at Black Circle Brewing Co. next Friday is the garage rock, blues, and psychedelic band, Chemical Envy. While they only have two demos out on their Reverb Nation page, much like Black Cat Rebellion, Chemical Envy seems to be putting more effort in playing their live shows. You can listen to Chemical Envy on Reverb Nation.

The members of Chemical Envy are Tom Haskett (guitar, vocals), Michael Carter (drums), Sean Cruz (guitar), and Nick Snyder (bass). For more info, you can find Chemical Envy on Facebook.

I may be dead wrong here, but I do believe that the Nick Snyder in Chemical Envy is the same as the one in Manners, Please. The two bands seem to book shows together often enough for this to be the case. If anyone can confirm or disprove this, let me know in the the comments section below.


The show with Manners, Please., Black Cat Rebellion, and Chemical Envy starts at 7:00 pm on Friday, April 6th. Although the show does fall on a First Friday, Black Circle Brewing Co. will still be charging a five dollar cover at the door.



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