Preview: Landon Caldwell, Drekka, Timber Rattle


Next Thursday, April 5th, the State Street Pub in Indianapolis have a night full of live music planned for those looking for an early weekend. The set they have lined up isn’t full of your average mainstream rock bands, either. Each act dabbles in their own niche of experimental music. They are, Landon Caldwell, Drekka, and Timber Rattle.

Landon Caldwell

Landon Caldwell is a local Indianapolis musician and producer. Along with creating his own music, Caldwell is also a part of Medium Sound, a cassette label operating out of Indy. Some other local artists Caldwell has worked with include Rob Funkhouser, Duncan Kissinger, Atomic Garden, and Creeping Pink.

Caldwell describes himself as, “meditation drones meet electric piano human sequence intuit, playful tape playback time warp, found sound hound“.

He released his first EP, “Gemini” in 2014, and must have been busy with Medium Sound business for a few years, as his second EP didn’t drop until 2017. Caldwell’s latest EP, “Red Tape” dropped last September. You can listen to all of Landon Caldwell’s music on his Bandcamp page. For a list of every release on Medium Sound, you can go here.


Drekka is the experimental, ambient soundscape project of Michael Anderson of Bloomington, Indiana. According to his Facebook profile, “Throughout years of performing and recording, Drekka has explored early industrial tape culture, fragile bedroom noise-folk, and expansive cinematic textures. His work and performances touch on themes of silence, memory, and forgetfulness”.

You can find all of Drekka’s music on his Bandcamp page. For more information on Drekka, you can find him on Facebook.

Timber Rattle

Timber Rattle is “a kind of ‘pyche-pastoral’ hymnal which seems to be as informed by noise shows in west coast basements or the revolutionary spirit of poet Jean Genet as it is to the Southern Baptist churches of the Blue Ridge Mountains where its members grew up”. That may sound off the beaten track, but if you’re heading to this concert you’re probably not looking for the road frequently traveled.

A weird mix of Americana, drone, chant, folk, and psyche music, Timber Rattle hails from Ithaca, New York. You can find out more about Timber Rattle, and listen to their music on their Bandcamp page.


The show with Landon Caldwell, Drekka, and Timber Rattle starts at 9:00 pm on Thursday, April 5th. It should be wrapping up by midnight, but don’t let that stop you from having another drink. A five dollar cover will get you in the door.


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