Preview: Melodious Thonk, Awake the Wilde


On Saturday, March 31st, Radio Radio in Fountain Square, Indianapolis will be bringing two bluesy, genre-bending bands to their stage. Melodious Thonk, the six-piece, jammy, juke joint. And Awake the Wilde, the funk-pop, rock-hop blues band.

Melodious Thonk

They may look too old for the stage, but you won’t be thinking that once they start playing. According to their Artist Bio on Reverb Nation, Melodious Thonk “Formed in 2012 out of the Hot Jimmy and the Charred Remains band”. Furthermore, they promise that, “Melodious Thonk’s musical conversation and songs will stick with you for a long time”.

Melodious Thonk is plays an interesting mix of Americana and psychedelic rock. I think they call it “Galaxy Blues”. The group released two recordings of live albums in 2013. “Donnaroo – 5.26.13”, and “Mouse Trap – 12.27.13”. You can listen to them both by visiting Melodious Thonk’s Bandcamp page. Melodious Thonk most recently released their EP “All Saints” in 2016.

The members of Melodious Thonk are Tom Kiefaber (guitar), Jimmy Curry (vocals), Jeff Kleindorfer (guitar), Jo O’Connell (percussion), and Mike Newgent (bass). For more information regarding Melodious Thonk, you can visit their Facebook page.

Awake the Wilde

Awake the Wilde is a five-piece, multi-genre rock band based in Indianapolis. Their debut – and so far only – album “Concret Catharsis” came out in 2016. You can listen to it on Bandcamp.

If you like The Red Hot Chili Peppers and/or most classic rock, there’s a good chance you’ll find something to like in Awake the Wilde. Their songs are high-energy, fuzz-filled bursts of funky rhythms, groovy bass, and soulful blues lines.

Awake the Wilde consists of Alex Roth (lead vocals), Bill Eckhart (lead guitar), Brock Lucchese (rhythm guitar), Sam Griswold (bass), and Daniel Guajardo (drums). You can find out more about Awake the Wilde by visiting their website. you can also find them on Facebook.


The show with Melodious Thonk and Awake the Wilde starts at 7:00 pm at Radio Radio in Fountain Square. Tickets to the show are ten dollars at the door.


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