Preview: Forever Came Calling at the Hoosier Dome


On Friday, March 30th, the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis will be putting on a concert for fans of pop punk and alternative rock. Headlining the show will be Forever Came Calling. Joining them are In Her Own Words, and Hold Close, with local support from The Day After and Juice.

Forever Came Calling

Forever Came Calling is a pop punk and rock band from California that released their debut EP, “HopE.P.assion” in 2010. The band’s most recent release, “Retro Future” is set to release on March 23rd this year. You can listen to a few singles from “Retro Future” by visiting Forever Came Calling’s Bandcamp page.

Forever Came Calling consists of Joe Candelaria (vocals, guitar), John Swaba (bass), Bryce Esquivel (drums), and Tom Lovejoy (guitar). For more information, you can find Forever Came Calling on Facebook.

In Her Own Words

In Her Own Words is an alternative rock and pop band from Los Angeles that started playing in 2010. The same year they started, the band released their debut EP “Brand New Me”. In Her Own Words’ most recent release “Unfamiliar” came out in 2016. You can listen to In Her Own Words on Bandcamp.

In Her Own Words is made up of Joseph Paul Fleming (lead vocals), Ian Sebastian Berg (guitar), Eric Ruelas (bass), and Omar Rodolfo Sultani (drums). To find out more, you can visit the band’s website. You can also find In Her Own Words on Facebook.

Hold Close

Hold Close is a relatively young pop-punk band, having formed just two years ago in Springfield, Missouri. According to the band’s Facebook profile, their “debut EP, ‘I Was Never Meant To Stay’ was recorded and produced by Seth Henderson at ABG Studios in Crownpoint, Indiana”. Their most recent release, “I’ll Never Go Back” is currently available for purchase and streaming. You can find it on the Hold Close website.

Hold Close consists of Braxton Smiley, Charlie Edel, Jessee Everett, Devon Edwards , and Marshall Martin. For more information on the band, you can find them on Facebook.

The Day After

The Day After is an Indianapolis easy-core, pop-punk, and post-hardcore band that formed in 2008. Their most recent album “The Year” came out in 2017. You can listen to “The Year”, and more of The Day After by visiting their Bandcamp page.

The Day After is Kevin Kirk (vocals, guitar, violin), Jacob Rangel (guitar), Dan Herring (drums), and Collin Fiol (bass, vocals). You can find The Day After on Facebook.


Juice is another local band with an indie pop and punk/grunge sound, that formed in 2013. They released their self-titled EP in 2015, and their most recent, “Bloom” in 2017. You can listen to both on their Bandcamp page.

Juice consists of Bernie (guitar, vocals), Jay (guitar, vocals), Brady (bass), and Alex (drums). You can find Juice on Facebook.


The show with Forever Came Calling starts at 6:00 pm on Friday, March 30th at the Hoosier Dome. Tickets are thirteen dollars if bought in advance, and fifteen at the door.


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