Preview: Audiodacity at The Mousetrap


On Friday, March 30th, The Mousetrap Bar and Grill will be hosting another concert at their venue in south Broad Ripple. Of the three bands scheduled to play, two are Indianapolis-based: Audiodacity and Native Theory. Joining them are The Aquaducks, coming straight from Nashville.


Audiodacity is a local funk, pop rock, and hip hop band that formed in 2011. According to the band’s website, “Anything is possible! This is the mission statement of the multi-genre sextet, and it is embedded in the heart of every song they write”.

They may hold this optimistic view due to one very productive year. In 2015, The Aquaducks released both their debut self-titled EP, and their debut full length album “On A Roll”. Audiodacity released their most recent recording, “The Free EP” in 2017. You can listen to all of their music by going to Bandcamp.

Audiodacity consists of Ben Jarvis (vocals, trumpet), Jason Ehizokhale (guitar, sax, backup vocals), Cody Herring (guitar, trumpet, backup vocals), Mike Sheldon (bass), and Adam Woodgett (drums, vocals). To find out more, you can visit their website. You can also find Audiodacity on Facebook.

Native Theory

Native Theory is another Indianapolis-based funk and hip hop band. Some of their influences include The Main Squeeze, The Roots, Rage Against the Machine, and P.O.D. According to their Facebook page, they “aim to bring a generous mix of genres in the best performative displays in order to expose the audience to new sounds and ideas”.

Native Theory’s first and so far only album “For It’s Own Sake” came out in 2017. You can listen to it online by visiting their Bandcamp page.

Native Theory consists of Brian Carson (drums), Mike Birk (guitar), Matthew McConohay (bass), Ana Nelson (tenor sax), Adam Marchand (trumpet), and Curtis Williams (vocals, alto sax, keys). You can find Native Theory on Facebook.

The Aquaducks

The Aquaducks is a funk and soul group from Nashville, Tennessee that formed in 2012. According to their website, “The Ducks’ first two singles “Nightlife” and “Bill’s Toupée” immediately caught the attention of local radio station Lighting 100, and have continued to receive regular air play”.

The Aquaducks are Cavanaugh Mims (Vocals, Keyboard), Andrew Fleming(Drums), Zach Sheffler(Guitar), Aaron Veneziano(Bass), Thomas Baxter(Guitar), Paul Violante(Saxophone), Kevin Griffin(Trumpet), and Sam Walker(Percussion).

To find out more about The Aquaducks, you can visit their website. You can also find The Aquaducks on Facebook.


The show with Audiodacity, Native Theory, and The Aquaducks starts at 9:00 pm at The Mousetrap Bar and Grill. Tickets to the show are six dollars if bought in advance, and eight dollars at the door.


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