Preview: Vess Ruhtenberg at The White Rabbit Cabaret


On Friday, March 30th, The White Rabbit Cabaret in Fountain Square, Indianapolis will be putting on a concert featuring three local Indianapolis bands. The performing musical acts are Vess Ruhtneberg, Bullet Points, and There Are Ghosts.

Vess Ruhtenberg

Vess Ruhtenberg is a solo indie, pop, rock, and punk musician from Indianapolis. According to his profile, Ruhtenberg “has been in bands such as: Zero Boys,Lemonheads, The Pieces, The United States Three, Antenna, and Action Strasse”. 

Vess Ruhtenberg’s debut single, “Lady Liberty” came out in October of 2017, and was followed shortly by the release of his first full length album “Tremendous Downtime”, in November of the same year. You can listen to all of Ruhtenberg’s music by visiting his Bandcamp page.

For more information on vess Ruhtenberg, you can find him on Facebook.

Bullet Points

Bullet Points is an Indianapolis rock band that released their self-recorded demo “Business Card” in 2016. According to the group’s Facebook page, “The quartet spent the remainder of the year playing throughout the region, including live in-studio performances at DZ Records in Chicago, Indy Star Sessions and on the series ‘Small Studio Sessions’ on the NPR affiliate, WFYI”. You can listen to “Business Card” by visiting the Bullet Points Bandcamp page.

Bullet Points are currently working on their next album. The first single of the album, “Blood Dreams”, is scheduled to release on March 23rd this year.

Bullet Points consists of P. David Hazel (vocals, guitar), Matt Beaumont (drums), David Barajas (bass), and T.J. Briggs (guitar). To find out more, you can find Bullet Points on Facebook.

There Are Ghosts

There Are Ghosts is an indie pop and rock group that formed in 2012. The band can be summed up in one statement found on their Facebook profile. “Molded by 80’s/90’s college rock and alternative, we wear our influences well while creating modern noise-with-jangle indie pop”.

The group released its first single, “The Woman in the Wooden Chest” in 2014, followed by their “Casette EP” in 2015. In 2016, they released another single “Trains Collide”. There Are Ghosts’ first full length album “The Mutual Appreciation Society: Volume 1” was released. You can listen to all of There Are Ghosts’ music by visiting their Bandcamp page.

There Are Ghosts consists of Gwynneth Reitz (vocals), Andrew Mahoney (bass), Mike Theodore (drums), Jonathan Harmon (guitar), and Anthony Reitz (guitar, vocals). You can learn more about There Are Ghosts by finding them on Facebook.


The show with Vess Ruhtenberg, Bullet Points, and There Are Ghosts starts at 9:00 pm on Friday, March 30th at The White Rabbit Cabaret. Expect a seven dollar cover charge at the door.


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