Preview: Spandrels at The State Street Pub


On Saturday, March 24th, Spandrels will be coming back from their East Coast Tour to play at the State Street Pub for a live show. Joining them will be the bands Thunder Dreamer and Hale’s Corner.


According to the band’s website, “Spandrels began in 2011 as the solo noise project of guitarist/vocalist Casey No”. Over the years, No brought on several collaborators at different times, and the band went from a collaborative group, to solo project, and finally back again to a full band in 2017.

“With a sound rooted equally in pop and experimental noise rock, the band headed into the Champaign home studio of Mark Wyman this [last] winter to record their debut single ‘Tiger’s Eye'”.

The release of “Tiger’s Eye” led Spandrels to their week long spring tour of the east coast.

Spandrels consists of  Casey No (guitar, vocals), Isaac Arms (guitar), Isabel Skidmore (bass), and Christine Pallon (drums). To find out more, you can visit their website. You can also find Spandrels on Facebook.

Thunder Dreamer

Thunder Dreamer is an Americana and indie rock band from Evansville, Indiana that formed in 2011. They released their debut, self-titled EP in 2013, followed by their first full length album, “Lonesome Morning” a year later. Their most recent album, “Capture” came out in 2017. You can listen to all of their releases, including their live Audiotree recording, by visiting Thunder Dreamer’s Bandcamp page.

Thunder Dreamer consists of Steven Hamilton (vocals, guitar), Corey Greenfield (drums), Alex Wallwork (bass), and Zach Zint (piano). For more information, you can visit their website, or find them on Facebook.

Hale’s Corner

Hale’s Corner is an indie rock band from Indianapolis that started up in 2015. Their debut, full length album “Garden View” came out in 2016, followed closely by their single, “Whores” in 2017. You can listen to both “Garden View” and “Whores” on Bandcamp.

You can find out more by finding Hale’s Corner on Facebook.


The show with Spandrels, Thunder Dreamer, and Hale’s Corner starts at 9:00 pm at the State Street Pub on Saturday, March 24th.


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