Valee takes an old-school approach to rap in a new scene


Ever so often, artists surface from the depths of the underground as their years of dedicated effort lead to attention. Without the prerequisite grind and subsequent trials of experimentative error, many artists fizzle out for good. More times than not, artists who strive to create for themselves and according to their own agenda will emerge victorious. Enter Chicagoan, Valee, who doesn’t appear as a try-hard, rather, has contributed countless hours and struggled through the process of self-taught musical ability.


Valee’s musical origins stem from a Guitar Center purchase in which he bought all kinds of musical equipment rather than his original intention of purchasing a gaming console. Since that day, Valee stayed out of the way and tucked himself into a self-sufficient lane that yielded spectacular musical outbursts.  Concise customization separates this youthful Southside Chicago native from similar performers.

Valee maintains several different sources of handiwork and possesses a customizable rotation of trades and traits. In Chicago, people grew aware of his presence by the way that he fixed and modified the appearance of automobiles. Especially, people grew to appreciate the way he could cut the cars to fit large rims. Valee’s expertise includes car customization & decor, electrical work, carpentry, tattooing and musical production.

Simply put, Valee’s presence within hip-hop skyrocketed due to the fact that he did not place every last ounce of emphasis upon it. Prior to his “blow-up” Valee maintained multiple different revenue streams through various hobbies. Particularly, his musical ventures demonstrate the increased capabilities that arrive from relentless self-improvement.

Valee – New G.O.O.D. Music Labelmate

As of February 1st, G.O.O.D. Music incorporated Valee into their illustrious roster. His first EP, “Good Job You Found Me” received executive production from none other than Kanye West. Many flock to Valee’s body of work because his style of execution includes a carefree nature with constructive retrofuturistic methodologies. His slow, organic grind proves infectious as his style incidentally affects the flavor of Chicago’s burgeoning rap scene.

As an individual, Valee’s persona spews forth meditative, stealthy and serene types of auras. As an artist, Valee delivers off-kilter anecdotes that highlight his nonchalance, drowsy drawl, and meticulous movements. As a person who deconstructs to reconstruct, Valee aligns himself with positive, zen-like vibes in order to twist and bend musical constructs to craft extremely vivid and refreshing songs.

Many of Valee’s songs do not eclipse the two-minute mark as he creates songs that end as an ellipsis. Basically, as an observant student of the game, Valee noticed many of his peers would begin to talk over songs once the second verse initiated. Rather than contribute to further saturation, Valee switched up the formula to invite the listener to repeat what they just heard.

His management duties are handled by Andrew Barber of FakeShoreDrive. As a unique artist that does not fit into a specific sub-scene, Valee has smoothly dealt with the transition from mysterious being to a public figure. Much like West, Valee steers clear of social media and pursues a nonconventional path toward stardom.

His appreciation of old-school whips and homegrown collaborative roots garnered massive attention from distinguished Chicagoans, such as Pusha T. Pusha and Valee’s video for, “Miami (dir. By Hebru Brantley) showcases the open interpretation of the city with a very surreal approach. All in all, Valee’s concise material and meditative presence provides a course for longevity in the oversaturated hip-hop scene.


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