Bollywood Celebrates Womanhood


Today is Woman’s Day and it is time to celebrate the very womanhood. I am a girl, though a little tomboyish and I am proud of it. But, I regret that women have still not received the position they deserve even in the 21st century. Some years back, I was interviewing several couples regarding giving women the credit due to them. One man asked me what is the point in writing about it. He also asked me if the change will come. It was evening and the man was not doing anything. Thus, he could speak to me. On the other hand, his working wife was doing all the housework at that time and was hesitating to speak to me. There will never be any change until men stop having double standards.

Bollywood and Woman’s Day: A woman goes through different stages in life and I am sharing them through songs here.

Nanhi kali sone chali… Sujata (1959) A lullaby to a baby girl.

Bachpan ke din… Sujata (1959) O, the thrill of being a child and free from all cares.

Kaun hoon main kya naam hai mera… Dil Ka Rishta (1982) The pampered little Daddy’s Doll.

Dip dip dip umar hai solah… Balwaan (1992) The fun of the teens.

Tuku tuku tuku tuku pyar karoongi… Saaheb (1985) The happiness of first love.

Dulhan chali haan pehen chali teen rang ki choli… Purab Aur Paschim (1970) The new bride.

Subah aur sham kaam hi kaam… Uljhan (1975) The complaint of every housewife.

Kaam ki dhun mein hain rawan… Gyarah Hazaar Ladkiyan (1962) The everyday struggle of working women.

Usko nahin dekha humne kabhi… Daadi Maa (1966) The devotion of a mother.

Daadi Amma Daadi Amma maan jao… Gharana (1961) The lovable grandmother.


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