Preview: Coex Monthly Showcase at Square Cat Vinyl


On Saturday, March 17th, Square Cat Vinyl located in Fountain Square, Indianapolis will be putting on its first concert of a brand new monthly showcase. Presented in part by Flat 12 Bierworks, the Coex Showcase will feature two musical acts from different genres each month. This month’s showcase mashup includes doom, sludge, metal group Conjurer, and the trip-hop vocalist UaZit.


Conjurer is a grungy, metal and rock band from Indianapolis that formed in 2010. In 2013, the band released their debut, self-titled album, followed two years later by their sophomore release, “Old World Ritual”. Conjurer’s most recent release, “You’re In Here with Me” came out in 2016. You can listen to all of these by visiting the Conjurer Bandcamp page.

According to their Facebook page, “Conjurer melds doom, rock, and swirling melody to create a sound that will propel you through the cosmos”. I can’t speak on their ability to launch you into space, unfortunately. What I can say, is that Conjurer does know how to craft a sense of atmosphere in their songs. Granted, that atmosphere more often than not includes guttural screams, crashing cymbals, and heavily-distorted guitar riffs.

The members of Conjurer are Dustin Mendel (vocals), John Rau (guitar, vocals), Brian Wyrick (guitar), Gabe Whitcomb (bass), and Dillon Enright (drums). You can learn more about Conjurer by finding them on Facebook.


UaZit is an independent music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist. If I had to describe his music in one word, it would be: weird. I don’t necessarily consider that a bad thing, either. Weird is good. Weird is different. And UaZit is definitely different.

It’s hard to describe UaZit’s sound, so for a better idea of what to expect if you plan on attending, I’d go ahead and check out his SoundCloud page.

Along with being a music producer, UaZit is also one half of Stalph, a multi-media company and website run with his partner WaZeil. You can find out more about Stalph by visiting their website.


The first Coex Monthly Showcase at Square Cat Vinyl starts at 8:00 pm on Saturday, March 17th. Doors open at 7:00 pm, and five dollars will get you in the door.

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