Preview: Rogue Wave w/ Dear Boy at The Hi-Fi


In a couple weeks, on Friday. March 23rd, The Hi-Fi in Fountain Square will be hosting a concert with performances by Rogue Wave, and Dear Boy.

Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave is an alternative band from Oakland, California that was founded in 2002. In 2004, the band released its debut album, “Out of the Shadow”. Their sophomore release, “Descended Like Vultures” came out in 2005. Rogue Wave’s third, and perhaps the most important album to date, “Asleep at Heaven’s Gate” dropped in 2007. Their most recent, 2018 album is a 10th anniversary re-issue of “Asleep at Heaven’s Gate”, and will feature four previously unreleased tracks.

Rogue Wave’s website shares some insight on the ideals that bring them again and again to doing what they love.

“Drawing inspiration from the inevitable delusions of everyday American life, Rogue, his longtime bandmate Pat Spurgeon, and their fellow members have returned reinvigorated, and with a fresh sound founded on the art of patience, the fearlessness of experimenting, and the unbridled joy of creating something meaningful to help us navigate through these vacant times”. 

The members of Rogue Wave are Zach Rogue (vocals, guitar, wurlitzer), Pat Spurgeon (drums, keyboard, samples, vocals), Jon Monohan (guitar, synth), Masanori Christianson (bass), and Nyles Lennon (synth, vocals). You can find out more about Rogue Wave by visiting their website. You can also find them on Facebook.

Dear Boy

Dear Boy is an alternative indie rock band from Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2013, the band released their first EP, “Dear Boy EP” in 2013. Their second, “Parts of a Flower”, came out in 2016, and is their most recent release to date.

Dear Boy’s Facebook profile describes the band as “Bitter-sweet alternative rock with roots in both post-punk and 90‘s British guitar pop”. The members of Dear Boy are Ben Grey (lead vocals, guitar), Keith Cooper (drums, vocals), Austin Hayman (guitar, vocals), and Lucy Lawrence (bass, vocals).

To find out more about Dear Boy, you can visit their website. You can also find Dear Boy on Facebook.


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