Dhalki jaye chunariya humari ho Ram – Asha Bhonsle – S D Burman – Kalpana Kartik | Nau Do Gyarah (1957)


Movie: This song appears in the 1957 mystery movie Nau Do Gyarah (Nine Two Eleven meaning to run away in Hindi) directed by late Vijay Anand (debut) and produced by late Dev Anand. The movie starred Dev Anand, Kalpana Kartik, late Madan Puri, Shashikala, Helen, late Jeevan, late Lalita Pawar, Krishan Dhawan, etc.

Madan Gopal (Dev Anand) receives a letter from his uncle, Manoharlal. The older man had written that he would be leaving 1.1 million rupees – 0.9 million in cash and rest in property to Madan. Originally, the recipient was the older man’s sister-in-law’s son Kuldeep (Krishan Dhawan). Kuldeep is a man of bad character. Therefore, Manoharlal had decided to transfer all his money to Madan.

Madan immediately leaves Delhi for Bombay (Mumbai now) in a truck, which he buys out of money borrowed from a friend. Raksha (Kalpana Kartik) disguises as a Sikh boy Sardar Nihal Singh and hides behind his truck. Her father had decided to marry her to Surjit (Jeevan), who was demanding more cash in dowry. When Madan discovers ‘him’, both of them quarrel continuously. However, Madan is compelled to take ‘him’ with him because the Sikh boy has all that he needs on the journey – money, water and food. Soon, ‘Sardar Nihal Singh’ is exposed and Madan finds out that it is actually a girl. Though Madan does not know her past, both fall in love with each other. But, he keeps teasing her many times as a thief.

Both reach Bombay soon and Madan goes to visit his friend Radheshyam (Madan Puri), who informs him that Manoharlal was dead. Madan is shocked and fishes out the letter to realize that it is a few months old. Madan’s friend says that the entire property had gone to Kuldeep and his mother (Lalita Pawar). On Raksha’s suggestion, they decide to pay a visit to the estate, which is in Mahabaleshwar as if looking for a job of the estate manager. The ad that had been placed for the job insisted that the candidate should be married. Madan decides to present Raksha as his wife.

When Madan and Raksha reach there, Madan is immediately hired and they are given their quarters. Kuldeep is in love with a Bombay-based bar dancer, Nita (Shashikala). Surjit is the owner of the hotel and he decides to frame Nita in a smuggling bid. For the purpose, he orders his goons to leave her car filled with objectionable goods in front of the hotel after informing the police. When Nita gets to know about it, Surjit blackmails her into marrying Kuldeep for seizing the wealth Kuldeep now has.

As said before, Kuldeep is a wayward man. He has an eye on Raksha, which shows in his behavior. Madan gets suspicious about Manoherlal’s death and begins to investigate. He finds out that most of the old servants had been thrown out and learns about one manservant, who lives in the village in the valley. Madan leaves for the village and Raksha comes along with him for some distance. It is at this time that she sings this song.

Song: The music of this song was given by late S D Burman and the lyrics were penned by late Majrooh Sultanpuri.

The gist of the song is, “My dupatta is slipping from my shoulders. I am getting intoxicated after meeting my beloved.”

Video: Cinematography is by V Ratra. Dance choreography is by Zohra Saigal-Surya Kumar.

The video opens with Kalpana Kartik and Dev Anand walking downhill. The music begins in the background. They stop and Dev Anand says that the tea that she made was fantastic. Kalpana Kartik blushes and covers her face. He covers her face further with the edge of her sari and moves away smiling. As he leaves, she begins this song with an aalap.

Dev Anand begins to whistle. Kalpana Kartik begins to sing the song proper and sways about the trees. Dev Anand also climbs down the slope in rhythm with the song. Her close-ups with the flowers on the trees are shown very well despite the black and white medium. The song peters out and the video ends as she again covers her head with the edge of her sari.

Artists: The playback of this song was given by Asha Bhonsle, while the onscreen performances are by Kalpana Kartik and Dev Anand.

Cultural Influence: This is a typically filmi song, sung by the heroine indirectly saying that she is in love with the hero. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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