Preview: Yonatan Gat at the State Street Pub

Monotonix Guitarist Yonatan Gat Plays the State Street Pub on May 13th.
When I say, or type as the case may be, the phrase “band from Israel”, what is the first thing you think of? I can certainly assume that images of the war in the middle east come to mind before anything else, at least if you’re of my generation. But work with me here.
Nothing, huh? So, in that case, why don’t I just give you a band to think of? Presenting¬† Monotonix! A noise/garage rock band from Tel-Aviv who have found worldwide acclaim with their distinctive sound and riotous live shows. Just one little caveat, though. They’ve since disbanded. But never fear! Yonatan Gat, the band’s guitarist, is carrying on their fine work! He’ll be playing the State Street Pub on the 13th of May, so if you’ve got a free evening go check him out. Hell, go if you don’t have a free evening.
A Brief History

Like many solo artists that get their start as part of a band, Gat’s history is not easily disentangled from that of Monotonix. So we won’t even try. Monotonix formed in 2005, out of a dissatisfaction with the music scene in Tel-Aviv. They were not initially famous for their music. Instead, they were famous for their club appearances becoming so rough and chaotic that their shows generally ended with the venue either cutting their power or calling the cops. In fact, they began touring the US and Europe not out of wanderlust, but out of necessity. Why was it necessary? Because most Israeli venues had banned them.

in 2008 they released their first EP, Body Language, after signing with Drag City. However, despite becoming quite popular, Monotonix disbanded in 2011. However, while his bandmates were done, Yonatan Gat was not. After a three year gap, he released his solo debut, Iberian Passage, on Joyful Noise. While he still releases albums, Gat has since focused his energy on his unrelenting touring schedule.

His Sound

Yonatan Gat is not exactly easy to classify. While he retains the punk/noise/garage sensibilities of his old band, he’s since made it his own. How? By integrating other genres, genres as diverse as free jazz and psychedelic rock.

Often relying on improvisation, Gat is playful yet confrontational in his music. Freely mixing psychedelic haze with wandering, atonal melodies , he creates an enveloping shell of noise. Gat is also not quite a traditional performer. Instead, he makes a point of playing while standing within the audience and rejects stage-bound performance. The result of his willingness to reject the rules has won him praise from sources as far afield from each other as The New York Times and Buzzfeed. So it kind of speaks for itself, really.

So, as always. The Venue is the State Street Pub, door’s at 8:00PM.

See you there!




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