They say music heals the soul, but it also heals the body, and Brian Bourgault is living proof. Bourgault, also known by his stage name Borgo, is a man of many talents. However, the one closest to his heart is music. It’s played a major part in his daily life, where he worked as a music store owner and guitar player. But, in 2005, that all changed. He was diagnosed with an untreatable, progressive neurological disease, which eventually limited his physical mobility. He was a musician unable to play music.

While many would have been discouraged, Borgo instead found a way to continue making music with the help of music software and technology. He dug up old songs, and found ways to incorporate his love of country, blue, and soul. After working in Hideaway studios with various artists, Borgo felt that not only was it time, but that he was finally able to record his first full length album.

“Be Kind” is his long-awaited musical return. After a decade long hiatus, Borgo is ready to reinvent his passion for music and to share that with the world. Set for release April 13, 2018, those who pre-order through iTunes will receive the first three singles instantly.

With a range of musical influences, “Be Kind” is a celebration of life, love and loss. According to his press release: “Be Kind isn’t a concept record, it’s a life record.” Harsh realities are faced head on, with honest lyrics and soulful vocals. It’s difficult to pin down one specific genre, as they all bleed into one another, creating a wonderful harmony that revives the music of the past- from funky Motown, to classic Jazz with just a pinch of good ol’ country twang.

The title single “Be Kind,” is an uplifting vision of a better world, where he urges others to “be kind” to one another, “pray for each other, play with each other, and be kind.” That said, the album balances some darker themes with lighthearted or even mellow music. For example, “Hard To See” deals with Brian’s insecurities surrounding his physical disability, where people are unable to see him for who he is.

At times, if you listen to the lyrics closely, beyond the seemingly upbeat tone of the album, you’ll hear a man on the brink of an existential crisis. What is the meaning of the world, if any? How can we cut the noise and get to the true meaning of life? Between the feel-good dance songs, the slow-rendering ballads, and the kaleidoscope of musical instruments, we hear Borgo finding the answer to these questions, and we’re lucky enough to come along for this musical ride.

To read more about Borgo’s incredible life story, visit his website.


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