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The Virginia Avenue Music Festival is coming up again this May. The Fest will last five days, in which over 100 bands will play across Fountain Square and Fletcher Place. But you won’t have to wait until May to get a taste of some of the performing acts. In just a few weeks, on Friday, March 16th, four featured artists to play the festival will be showcased at Square Cat Vinyl.

Hayley Costas

Hayley Costas is a singer, songwriter, and musician from Indianapolis. In her debut EP, “Falling”, Costas’ songs deal with the growth and change she experienced from her time traveling.

Her website’s About page goes into more detail, “The songs from my debut EP, Falling, are a collection of experiences and memories from the past year.  Just a few months shy of my quarter-life crisis, I quit my job at a hospital in Central Indiana, backpacked through South America, then moved to Sydney, Australia”.

To find out more about Hayley Costas, you can visit her website. You can also find Hayley Costas on Reverb Nation.

Painted Trends

Painted Trends is a local Indianapolis indie rock trio. Still a relatively young band, they released their first EP “Madeline EP” in 2016. Last year, Painted Trends released a single, “Imaginary Mind” in 2017. You can listen to both the “Madeline EP” and “Imaginary Mind” on Bandcamp.

Painted Trends consists of Reid Markus (drums), Jacob Kelly (bass), and Alex Beckman (vocals, guitar).


ODDITY  is an independent songwriter, hip hop artist, and writer based out of Indianapolis. His Facebook profile goes into more detail on his background and inspiration.

“A large majority of what I used to write down never surfaced as a song or I never had the courage to perform it. Until recently (August 2017), I had never performed any of the 300 – plus songs that I had written, many of which were recorded”.

Over time, ODDITY found that sharing the music he was creating was better than keeping it all to himself. His reasoning, “Music is hope. Music is connection. Music is therapy”.

For more information on ODDITY, you can find him on Facebook.

The Innocent Boys

The Innocent Boys are a folk, bluegrass, rockabilly, punk, gypsy mesh of a band from Indianapolis. In their own words, ” The Innocent Boys are an accident waiting to happen”.

The band consists of six members, each with their own distinct moniker. There’s Monty Krispo (guitar, harmonica, lead vocals), D.R. (vocals, lead guitar), Dave “China” Grove (bass, banjo, vocals), Zach Yde (vocals, skins), Jakis Strikis (accordion, piano), and Heath “Baby” Schlatter (trumpet, hand claps, vocals).

You can find The Innocent Boys on Facebook.


The Virginia Avenue Music Fest Showcase starts at 8:00 pm. Doors to the Square Cat Vinyl open at 7:00 pm. The show is open for all ages, and five dollars will get you in the door.


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