Preview: Local Metal Bands Play The Hoosier Dome


On Saturday, March 10th, The Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis will be bringing together five different local metal bands. Most of the acts to play come from Indianapolis, with one from northern Indiana, and another from Versailles. The bands to play are Voices, Candles Burn White, Mask of Sanity, Echoes From Oblivion, and Scorn The Avarice.


Voices is a six piece metal core band from Indianapolis. Their music features heavy and heart-pounding verses interspersed with both melodic and harsh vocals. Voices released their debut EP “The Device // Fallout” in 2014. Since then, Voices put out a handful of singles. In 2017, however, the band released another EP titled, “Resurgence”. You can find both EPs, and all of their singles, by visiting the Voices’ Bandcamp page.

Voices consists of Clint Simpson (vocals), Blaine Gaiser (vocals), Drake Dell (guitar), Tim Snoddy (guitar), Greg Hill (bass), and Dale Rich (drums). To find out more about Voices, you can visit their Facebook page.

Candle Burns White

Candle Burns Bright is a metal core and pop-punk band from Versailles, Indiana and on the record label Heir Apparent. As stated on their Facebook profile, Candle Burns White urges their listeners to, “Be on the look out for an EP release date, and a tour announcement in the following months”.

The members of Candle Burns White are Timothy Nifyah (vocals), Jeffrey Marcum (lead guitar), Freaky Shanks (rhythm guitar), Kris Ares (bass), and Wojack McGee (percussion). You can find Candle Burns White on Facebook.

Mask of Sanity

Mask of Sanity is a grunge-filled, high-energy band from Indianapolis. They’re still a relatively young band, I believe. They released a few demos on Bandcamp. One, “World Full of Sin” in 2015, the other “Sludge N’ Slime Demos” in 2016. In between the two demos, Mask of Sanity produced the EP “Child of Man”. The album ranges wildly in sound, from high-register vocals reminiscent of Black Sabbath, and heavy grunge riffs similar to bands like Mastodon. They’re definitely one to keep your eyes on.

Mask of Sanity is Freddie Rodriquez (guitar, vocals), Jeff Reagan (lead guitar), Brandon Davis (bass), and Max barber (drums). You can find and listen to Mask of Sanity on Bandcamp.

Echoes From Oblivion

Echoes From Oblivion is a metal core band from Northern Indiana that formed in late 2017, which may indeed make them the youngest band playing. Their members are Paul Duplessie (vocals), Jake Gunnel (guitar), Braytin Campbell (bass), and Chris Swank (drums). You can find Echoes From Oblivion on Facebook.

Scorn The Avarice

The last band to play at The Hoosier Dome next Saturday will be Scorn The Avarice, a local Indianapolis heavy metal band. The members of Scorn The Avarice are Nate McCombs (vocals), Jesse McKeever (guitar), Wyatt Stanley (guitar), Nick Maiden (bass), and Jeremy McCombs (drums). You can find Scorn The Avarice on Facebook.


The five band metal show at The Hoosier Dome starts at 7:00 pm on Saturday, March 10th. Doors will open at 6:30, and tickets to the show range from ten to twelve dollars.



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