Idhar toh hath la pyare – Mohammad Rafi – Madan Mohan – Johnny Walker | Aakhri Daao (1958)


Movie: This song appears in 1958 drama Aakhri Daao (the Last Bet) produced by L S Agarwal under the banner of Movie Stars Production and directed by Mahesh Kaul. The movie starred Shekhar, late Nutan, Shammi, late Johny Walker, late Tun Tun, Mirajkar, late Kamal Kapoor, etc.

Raj Kumar Saxena (Shekhar) is a car mechanic and is ensnared into engagement with a South Indian Muthuswami Chettiar’s (Mirajkar) daughter (Tun Tun) by his own friend Popat Lal Shah (Johny Walker). For the engagement, Popat Lal takes him to a laundrywoman Chabili’s (Shobha Khote) shop and gets him one of her client’s expensive suits. They also take a rich man’s car for the purpose. However, on the way, Raj Kumar’s car splashes dirty rainwater on Sheila’s (Nutan) sari. To compensate for the happening, Raj Kumar takes her to a dry cleaner’s where they clean the dress as she waits wearing a towel. He also gets her high-heeled shoes repaired.

Sheila misunderstands that he is a rich man named Pyarelal D Gupta (Kamal Kapoor). When the dress is ready for her to wear, Sheila and Nargis leave. Since the time, Raj Kumar had set his eyes on Sheila; he had fallen in love with her. It appears that even she had also fallen in love with him. The real Pyarelal is a wayward man and he visits Sheila’s dance class to have a look at her. She is his next intended victim. Raj Kumar leaves the place in the car.

Maina (Minoo Mumtaz) is a nautch girl and she loves Raj Kumar. After losing his job, Raj Kumar decides to drive a cab and takes the vehicle to the place where he met Sheila for the first time. When Sheila and Nargis pass that way, he is watching her hidden inside his cab. Soon, Pyarelal passes that way in his car with a girl. Nargis and Sheila (reluctantly) follow the wayward man and reach his office. Raj Kumar is following the girls in his cab. The girl with Pyarelal is Maina. One of the employees of Pyarelal, when asked, tells the girls that Maina is Pyarelal’s sister.

Soon, Raj Kumar and Sheila meet and he realizes that her father is indebted to a money-lender. Raj Kumar begs for Rs. 5000 everywhere. But, his request is rejected by everybody and he lands in Pyarelal’s casino to gamble. He is taken by Maina’s broker Jangi (Jeevan) to the casino. The moment Raj Kumar wins the required sum; he decides to leave. Jangi wants him to play the last game to get Maina, who is in Pyarelal’s custody, released. Maina and Jangi convince him to play the game and Raj Kumar loses the game to Pyarelal.

In the ensuing fight post that, Maina sneaks Raj Kumar safely away from the casino. While returning through the local train, he picks the pocket of Sheila’s father (Nazir Hussain), without knowing that it is him and runs away. Raj Kumar goes to Sheila’s house to give the money, but she turns it away since her father had arranged for it. He realizes that he had pinched her father’s purse and he feels guilty and leaves the place. A real pickpocket, who had been following him from the train, picks his pocket. Raj Kumar decides to get married to Muthuswami Chettiar’s daughter for the sum of Rs.5000 and sends someone to her house to give the amount to Sheila, with a letter.

In the meantime, Sheila visits Pyarelal’s office to meet him. The real Pyarelal almost molests her. Before she leaves, the real Pyarelal tells her that the man she thinks is Pyarelal is, in fact, a car mechanic and a liar. When she returns home, she reads the letter and happily goes to meet Raj Kumar. Her father gives her the sketch of the pickpocket to be given to the police. Popat takes Raj Kumar in a cab to the place, the lead pair had met for the first time. When she realizes that the pickpocket was Raj Kumar, she changes the image in the sketch.

In the meantime, Pyarelal has killed Jangi with Raj Kumar’s spanner that he had dropped, inadvertently. Pyarelal convinces Sheila’s father to marry his daughter to him. Sheila’s father and Sheila are then abducted and imprisoned by Pyarelal. Pyarelal has imprisoned Maina as well, elsewhere. Raj Kumar is caught by the police and placed in the jail. Popat finds the location of Maina. But, by then, the police catch up with Popat and everybody is put into the lockup. When the commissioner arrives, Popat appeals to him that they might hang an innocent person. Popat, Maina and some police officials arrive at Pyarelal’s bungalow in the disguise of gypsies. This is because Sheila’s father was the only person, who could say that Raj Kumar was present with him in the local train when Jangi was murdered. But, unknown to them, Maina has been a witness of Jangi’s murder. Popat begins to sing this song at this time.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and the music was composed by Madan Mohan.

She says, “Give me your hand, Friend. I can show you stars in the day. What is written in the lines of your hand? Hear it from ascetics.”

Video: Cinematography is by Ratan L Nagar. Dance choreography is by Satyanarayan.

The video begins with Johnny Walker sitting in front of Kamal Kapoor in a wicker chair and beginning the song. Johnny Walker is supposed to be reading Kamal Kapoor’s palm. Minoo Mumtaz and Shobha Khote come forward and dance near them. The girls’ faces are veiled.

Nutan and Nazir Hussain come to the window of their prison, wondering about what was happening. Minoo Mumtaz comes dancing in front of Kamal Kapoor and discards her veil. Kamal Kapoor immediately picks up his hunting rifle to shoot her.

Johnny Walker pulls the rifle from him and aims at its owner himself. Kamal Kapoor lifts his hands up in fright. The actor playing the police commissioner, who is among the disguised gypsies, also lifts up a gun.

Johnny Walker welcomes the actors waiting in police dresses and they come in to catch the villain. Soon, the song peters out and the video ends as Kamal Kapoor is handcuffed.

Artists: The playback is being sung by Mohammad Rafi and onscreen performances are by Johnny Walker, Minoo Mumtaz, Shobha Khote, Kamal Kapoor, Nazir Hussain, Nutan and others.

Cultural influence: This is a typically filmi comic song where the comic artist is in a bid to rescue the heroine and her father. The song and the artists are fantastic. The video is watchable for the same.


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