Humsafar sath apna chod chale – Rafi/Asha – Madan Mohan – Shekhar/Nutan | Aakhri Daao (1958)


Movie: This song appears in 1958 drama Aakhri Daao (the Last Bet) produced by L S Agarwal under the banner of Movie Stars Production and directed by Mahesh Kaul. The movie starred Shekhar, late Nutan, Shammi, late Johny Walker, late Tun Tun, Mirajkar, late Kamal Kapoor, etc.

Raj Kumar Saxena (Shekhar) is a car mechanic and is ensnared into engagement with a South Indian Muthuswami Chettiar’s (Mirajkar) daughter (Tun Tun) by his own friend Popat Lal Shah (Johny Walker). For the engagement, Popat Lal takes him to a laundrywoman Chabili’s (Shobha Khote) shop and gets him one of her client’s expensive suits. They also take a rich man’s car for the purpose. However, on the way, Raj Kumar’s car splashes dirty rainwater on Sheila’s (Nutan) sari. To compensate for the happening, Raj Kumar takes her to a dry cleaner’s where they clean the dress as she waits wearing a towel. He also gets her high-heeled shoes repaired.

Sheila misunderstands that he is a rich man named Pyarelal D Gupta (Kamal Kapoor). When the dress is ready for her to wear, Sheila and Nargis leave. Since the time, Raj Kumar had set his eyes on Sheila; he had fallen in love with her. It appears that even she had also fallen in love with him. The real Pyarelal is a wayward man and he visits Sheila’s dance class to have a look at her. She is his next intended victim. Raj Kumar, also, goes out and leaves the place in the car.

Maina (Minoo Mumtaz) is a nautch girl and she loves Raj Kumar. After losing his job, Raj Kumar decides to drive a cab and takes the vehicle to the place where he met Sheila for the first time. When Sheila and Nargis pass that way, he is watching her hidden inside his cab. Soon, Pyarelal passes that way in his car with a girl. Nargis and Sheila (reluctantly) follow the wayward man and reach his office. Raj Kumar is following the girls in his cab. The girl with Pyarelal is Maina. One of the employees of Pyarelal, when asked, tells the girls that Maina is Pyarelal’s sister.

The girls return happily and end up sitting in Raj Kumar’s cab. Soon, Raj Kumar and Sheila meet and he realizes that her father is indebted to a money-lender. Raj Kumar begs for Rs. 5000 everywhere. But, his request is rejected by everybody and he lands in Pyarelal’s casino to gamble. He is taken by Maina’s broker Jangi (Jeevan) to the casino. The moment Raj Kumar wins the required sum; he decides to leave. Jangi wants him to play the last game to get Maina, who is in Pyarelal’s custody, released. Maina and Jangi convince him to play the game and Raj Kumar loses the game to Pyarelal.

In the ensuing fight post that, Maina takes Raj Kumar safely away from the casino. While returning through the local train, he picks the pocket of Sheila’s father (Nasir Hussain), without knowing that it is him and runs away. Raj Kumar goes to Sheila’s house to give the money, but she turns it away since her father had arranged for it. He realizes that he had pinched her father’s purse and he feels guilty and leaves the place. A real pickpocket, who had been following him from the train, picks his pocket. Raj Kumar decides to get married to Muthuswami Chettiar’s daughter for the sum of Rs.5000 and sends someone to her house to give the amount to Sheila, with a letter.

In the meantime, Sheila visits Pyarelal’s office to meet him. The real Pyarelal almost molests her. Before she leaves, the real Pyarelal tells her that the man she thinks is Pyarelal is, in fact, a car mechanic and a liar. When she returns home, she reads the letter and happily goes to meet Raj Kumar. Her father gives her the sketch of the pickpocket to be given to the police. Popat takes Raj Kumar in a cab to the place, the lead pair had met for the first time. Raj Kumar pulls Sheila into the cab and soon, she opens the sketch to see that it is indeed the man sitting near her, who had pinched her father’s pocket. She does not listen to anything further and leaves the cab to return home.

Sheila’s father asks, why she had not given the sketch to the police. Soon, he convinces her to go to the police with the sketch. Once near the police station, she is seen gloomily thinking about what to do. On the other hand, Raj Kumar is seen dressing up for his marriage with Muthuswami Chettiar’s daughter. It is at this point that this song is heard in the background.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and the music was composed by Madan Mohan.

She says, “2 Co-travelers leave each other’s company. They have broken up their relationship.”

Video: Cinematography is by Ratan L Nagar.

The video begins with Shekhar entering the marriage venue in South Indian traditional dress. The song begins in a male voice in the background. Shekhar sits down on a sofa heavily in sorrow. Johnny Walker gets up from the seat he is sitting on, walks over to another sofa and sits there. On the other hand, Nutan is seen in sorrow near the police station.

The song is taken over by a female voice. A woman is waving a hand fan near Shekhar. Johnny Walker gets a brilliant idea. He gets up and leaves. Nutan remembers how Shekhar had repaired her high-heeled shoes, the first time they had met and how he was looking at her, impressed by her beauty. She also remembers how he had sung the song during their picnic.

The male and female voices alternate and the song ends with the male voice. The video ends as the camera focuses on Nutan’s sad face. Nutan’s beauty is highlighted by the cinematographer very well, though this is a black and white film.

Artists: The playback is being sung by Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhonsle and onscreen performances are by Shekhar, Nutan, Johnny Walker and others.

Cultural influence: This is a typically filmi sad song where the song is heard in the background. The hero and heroine are in a jeopardy about how to handle the given situation. The song and the artists are fantastic. The video is watchable for the same.


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