Brian Eno – Another Green World – Vinyl

Brian Eno – Another Green World – Vinyl
Brian Eno – Another Green World – Vinyl
Another Green World
Artist: Brian Eno
UPC: 602557951639
Vinyl LP pressing. Another Green World is the third studio album by Brian Eno, released by Island Records in September 1975. Produced by Eno and Rhett Davies, it featured contributions from several guest musicians including Robert Fripp, Phil Collins, and John Cale. The album marked a transition from the rock-based music of Eno’s previous releases toward the minimalist sensibility of his late ’70s ambient work. Employing tactics derived from his Oblique Strategies cards for guidance, the album utilized a variety of unconventional recording techniques and instrumental approaches, and made use of fewer lyrics. Another Green World was initially met with high praise from critics. Contemporary reception of Another Green World has been very positive; several critics and publications have placed the album on lists of the top albums of all time.
Track List:
[Disc 1]
1. Sky Saw
[Disc 1]
2. Over Fire Island
3. St. Elmo’s Fire
4. In Dark Trees
5. The Big Ship
6. I�ll Come Running (To Tie Your Shoes)
7. Another Green World
[Disc 2]
1. Sombre Reptiles
2. Little Fishes
3. Golden Hours
4. Becalmed
5. Zawinul/Lava
6. Everything Merges With The Night
7. Spirits Drifting
 Format  VINYL LP
 Genre  ROCK
 UPC  602557951639
 Artist  Brian Eno
 Release Date  01/12/2018

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