Babes In Toyland – Spanking Machine – Vinyl

Babes In Toyland – Spanking Machine – Vinyl
Babes In Toyland – Spanking Machine – Vinyl
Spanking Machine
Artist: Babes In Toyland
UPC: 221076002617
Vinyl LP pressing. 1990 release, the first album by alt-rock band Babes in Toyland. Spanking Machine was recorded in Seattle by now legendary Jack Endino at the now equally legendary Reciprocal Recording Studio. Spanking Machine was the record that kicked down many doors for Babes in Toyland. The working title of the album was Swamp Pussy, which later ended up becoming the opening song on the album. The album title was later changed to Spanking Machine, after the “spanking machine” from an episode of Leave It to Beaver titled “The Price of Fame.” “Dust Cake Boy” was the first and only single from the album.
Track List:
1. Swamp Pussy
2. He�s My Thing
3. Vomit Heart
4. Never
5. Boto(w)rap
6. Dogg
7. Pain In My Heart
8. Lashes
9. You�re Right
10. Dust Cake Boy
11. Fork Down Throat
 Format  VINYL LP
 Genre  ROCK
 UPC  221076002617
 Artist  Babes In Toyland
 Release Date  11/17/2017

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