Rainbow Kitten Surprise is going on tour, but you probably won’t see them.


“I’ll just wait to buy the tickets, they won’t sell out” – famous last words.


The alternative soul folk band from the mountains of North Carolina is going on tour this spring, taking on the East Coast, Canada, and a few shows in London. The band who brought us “Devil Like Me” and “Cocaine Jesus”  is taking their show on the road to promote their third album “How to: Friend, Love, Freefall.” The album will be released on April 6 and the first single “Fever Pitch” was released in January.

“Fever Pitch” shows promise for the upcoming release. The previous albums left the single a lot to live up to, but it holds its own. RKS is famously genre-bending and their music is emotional, rhythmic, and beautiful like a poem. Everyone loves them, but apparently, no one wants to admit it.

They have just shy of one hundred thousand followers on Spotify and their average Instagram post gets around 2,000-5,000 likes. Yet their venues are too small. They have been scrambling to switch into concert halls big enough to accommodate all the fans that have suddenly arrived on the scene and want tickets.

Most of the small venues they booked sold out in a feverish panic in just a few weeks.  They have already had to add additional shows in both Brooklyn, New York and  Raleigh, North Carolina. They also had to upgrade to a larger venue in a few other cities.

It doesn’t seem anyone expected this level of interest. Moral of the story? Support your favorite bands or suffer the consequences.

If you have tickets hold them dear; if not, may the odds be ever in your favor.

See the tour dates here.


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