Raga Bhimpalasi


The nearest I got to learning music was studying Bharatanatyam. But, the drawback is you are not taught much about music when you learn classical dance. So, when today’s expert Sanjeevani Bhelande told me that she would be selecting Raga Bhimpalasi for this week; I remembered some lines from this Sridevi song Bhimpalasi. Ghor udasi. Shaam ki bela. Panchi akela…

About the raga, Sanjeevani says, “The fascinating thing about Raga Bhimpalasi is how it has exactly the same notes as Raga Bageshri and yet retains a very distinct identity. Just the way two girls are fair skinned, light eyed and slim and at the same time, can look totally different! Emanating from the Kafi Thaat, this audav-sampoorna raga evokes deep romance. It is sung in the 3rd part of the day.”

She adds, “I had learnt Ja ja re apne mandirvaa… during my visharad.  Khelat nandlaal Brij mein hori… was a dhamaar composed by my Guruji Pandit Kaikini. Vaadi is Ma and samvaadi is Sa. I remember once having performed this full raga with vilambit khayal and nomtom alaap. The raga has the notes Ga and Ni komal. Unlike Raga Bageshri where Pa makes just a guest appearance, the fifth note is prominent in Raga Bhimpalasi.

She continued, “I remember an old song Khalasi-Bhimpalasi that mentions the raga name. A R Rahman has used the raga extensively. In fact, I have sung one song for Rahmanji which is based on Raga Bhimpalasi – Chidiya main hoti toh… from Nayak (2001).

Bollywood and Raga Bhimpalasi:

Khilte hain gul yahan… Sharmilee (1971)

Nainon mein badra chaye… Mera Saya (1966)

Kuch dil ne kaha… Anupama (1966)

Maine chand aur sitaron ki tamanna ki thi… Chandrakanta (1956)

O beqarar dil… Kohra (1964)

Qismat se tum hamein mile ho… Pukar (2000)

Aaj mere man mein sakhi baasuri… Aan (1952)

Eri main toh prem diwani… Nau Bahar (1952)


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