Preview: Free First Friday at The Hi-Fi


After this long, cold, and bipolar winter we’ve been having, spring can’t come soon enough. We’ll all be that much closer to it by next week, when we’ll close the door on February and welcome in March. The Hi-Fi will be where it always is to help celebrate the new month with another free concert on Friday, March 2nd. Featured bands for the free event are Young Heirlooms, and Austin Stirling.

Young Heirlooms

Young Heirlooms is an independent folk and Americana band from Cincinnati, Ohio that was founded in 2010. The band released a three song EP titled, “One Louder Studio Demo” before their debut, self-titled album in 2013. You can listen to both of these releases on the Young Heirlooms’ Bandcamp page.

There’s a similarity to bands like Nickel Creek and Fleet Foxes, with their acoustic arrangements and vocalized harmonies. Themes of nostalgia and longing run through the Young Heirlooms’ songs, and seem to be at the heart of their music.

The Young Heirlooms are Christopher Robinson (vocals, mandolin, guitar), Kelly Fine (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Kyle Elkins (upright bass), Laura Bock (vocals, mandolin), Steve Hauke (pedal and lap steel), and Chris Alley (drums). To find out more about the Young Heirlooms, you can visit their website. You can also find Young Heirlooms on Facebook.

Austin Stirling

Austin Stirling is a local Indianapolis singer and songwriter. As listed on his Facebook profile, “Austin is formerly known from touring over the last several years as “The Hangdog Hearts”, and that his “venture to be seen as a soloist is to encompass his love of blues, blue grass, old country, and roots music”. 

You can find out more about Austin Stirling by visiting his website. You can also find Austin Stirling on Facebook.


The show with Young Heirlooms and Austin Stirling kicks off at 7:30 pm on Friday, March 2nd. Doors to The Hi-Fi will open at 6:30 pm. Once again, it’s a free concert, so be sure to tip your bartenders well.


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