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Next week marks the end of February, long at last, and the beginning of March, and hopefully, some warmer and more consistent weather. With the beginning of another month, Indianapolis locals are lucky enough to have another First Friday to look forward to. There will be concerts all across town, most of them free, in which local residents can discover up and coming bands, or see old favorites.

The Pioneer in Fountain Square will be featuring two bands next Friday, March 2nd: Handgrenades, and Tombaugh Regio.


Handgrenades is an indie rock group from Detroit, Michigan. They released their debut album “Three Cheers for the Wonder Years” in 2011. Since then, Handgrenades have come out with three additional albums. “The Morning After” and “Easier” in 2012, and their most recent album “Tunnels” in 2016. You can listen to these all on the Handgrenades Bandcamp page.

The members of Handgrenades are Andrew Pawelski (vocals, guitar, bass), Nick Chevillet (vocals, guitar, bass), Jesse Shepherd-Bates (vocals, guitar, bass, percussion), and Joby Kaslowski (drums). To find out more about Handgrenades, you can visit their website. You can also find Handgrenades on Facebook.

Tombaugh Regio

Tombaugh Regio is an Indianapolis-based noise pop trio. A band with a mission statement in small white text on their website: “With heart-on-sleeve sincerity, they combat cynicism using upbeat melodies, propulsive rhythms, and intricate harmonies. They invite all repentant pessimists and carefree dancers to join them on their crusade”.

Now, ‘crusade’ seems a bit dramatic to me, but they can call it what they like. Tombaugh Regio released their debut EP “Borderland Creatures” in 2014. Since then, they have come out with a number of singles before their second EP “Medea, Argonauts” dropped in 2017. You can listen to Tombaugh Regio on Bandcamp.

The members of Tombaugh Regio are Tom Reel (guitar, vocals), Jacqui Cope (drums, vocals), and Luke Van Tress (keys, vocals). To learn more about Tombaugh Regio you can visit their website. You can also find them on Facebook.


The free First Friday show with Handgrenades and Tombaugh Regio starts at 10:30 pm on Friday, March 2nd. Doors to The Pioneer will be open leading up until the show.


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