Noi!Se – Dull The Pain (Grn) (Dlcd) – Vinyl

Noi!Se – Dull The Pain (Grn) (Dlcd) – Vinyl
Noi!Se – Dull The Pain (Grn) (Dlcd) – Vinyl
Dull The Pain (Grn) (Dlcd)
Artist: Noi!Se
UPC: 638302580502
Limited green colored seven inch vinyl pressing including digital download. This double A-side single reveals two long-anticipated new tracks from Seattle-based powerhouse Noi!Se. In typical fashion, these two tunes bring the heat and are sure to make their ever-growing fan base even more anxious for the upcoming LP, The Real Enemy, out this fall. True to form, Noi!Se complements their raucous sound with some equally profound lyrics; a true social commentary in musical form. Complete with riveting drums, insane bass lines, great leads, and a true verbal assault, both of these tracks show that this band is still a serious force to be reckoned with and assures their fans that the new record is bound to make waves across the entire punk/oi! Scene!
Track List:
1. SIDE A: Dull The Pain
2. SIDE B: Betrayed
 Format  7-INCH SINGLE
 Genre  ROCK
 UPC  638302580502
 Artist  Noi!Se
 Release Date  09/02/2016

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