Lata-Asha Duets


Among the more prominent Mangeshkar sisters; though I respect Lataji as a person and artist, I have a soft corner for Ashaji. I don’t know why. After all, it is the matter of the heart. Once you lose your heart to someone, you cannot reverse the situation. As children, these sisters were inseparable. In fact, Lataji would take her sister to school, with her. When the teacher protested that they had to teach 2 students in one fee, Lataji gave up studies.

Growing up, Ashaji tried to make a niche for herself under the shadow of her elder sister. Ashaji took a special effort to develop her voice and style distinct from her sister. But, they have sung several songs together. They sang for the first time together in Daman (1951).

Bollywood Says: Some of their duets are as follows:

Man bhawan ke ghar jaye… Chori Chori (1956),

Sakhi ri sun bole papihaa us paar… Miss Mary (1957),

O chaand jahaan woh jaaye… Sharada (1957),

Mere mehboob mein kya nahi… Mere Mehboob (1963),

Ai kash kisi deewane ko… Aaye Din Bahar Ke (1966),

Jabse laagi toose najariya… Shikar (1968),

Main haseena nazneena koi mujhsa nahi… Baazi (1968),

Main chali main chali… Padosan (1968),

Chhap tilak sab… Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki (1978),

Man kyun behka… Utsav (1984)


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