Tu hi aake sambhal ise – Asha Bhonsle – Madan Mohan – Minoo Mumtaz | Aakhri Daao (1958)


Movie: This song appears in 1958 drama Aakhri Daao (the Last Bet) produced by L S Agarwal under the banner of Movie Stars Production and directed by Mahesh Kaul. The movie starred Shekhar, late Nutan, Shammi, late Johny Walker, late Tun Tun, Mirajkar, late Kamal Kapoor, etc.

Raj Kumar Saxena (Shekhar) is a car mechanic and is ensnared into engagement with a South Indian Muthuswami Chettiar’s (Mirajkar) daughter (Tun Tun) by his own friend Popat Lal Shah (Johny Walker). For the engagement, Popat Lal takes him to a laundrywoman Chabili’s (Shobha Khote) shop and gets him one of her client’s expensive suits. They also take a rich man’s car for the purpose. However, on the way, Raj Kumar’s car splashes dirty rainwater on Sheila’s (Nutan) sari. To compensate for the happening, Raj Kumar takes her to a dry cleaner’s where they clean the dress as she waits wearing a towel. He also gets her high-heeled shoes repaired. Sheila calls her friend Nargis Daruwala (Shammi) for company.

Nervous to the core, Raj Kumar drops some visiting cards present in his pocket in the room where Sheila and Nargis are there. Nargis reads one of them and both the girls think that he is a rich man Pyarelal D Gupta (Kamal Kapoor). After some hesitation, Sheila stores a visiting card in her purse. When the dress is ready for her to wear, Sheila and Nargis leave.

Since the time, Raj Kumar had seen Sheila; he had fallen in love with her. The next day, he goes to the place he had met her for the first time and keeps watch. He is wearing his mechanic’s dress with grease and all. Soon, she comes along and remembers the place where she was standing when the dirty water got splashed on her. She is smiling. It appears that even she had fallen in love with him. She enters a building and Raj Kumar and Popat Lal follow her into it. The building houses a dance class, where Sheila appears to be one of the students. In an extended comic sequence, there is mayhem and confusion as Raj Kumar watches the dance by the girls and Popat Lal soon enters the room to join them. The moment the girls discover Popat Lal in their class, they begin to shout and try to beat him up.

Pyarelal is a wayward man and he visits Sheila’s dance class to have a look at her. She is his next intended victim. Raj Kumar, also, goes out and leaves the place in the car. In the meantime, as Popat Lal is thrown out of the dance class, Sheila reminds the other girls that they had decided to go for a picnic that day. Raj Kumar returns wearing a handsome suit and bumps into Sheila as she and the other girls climb down toward their car. The car is being repaired by the driver and there is no guarantee when it will start again. Nargis decides for the entire girls’ group that they go for the picnic in Raj Kumar’s car, without even asking his permission. The large group somehow gets accommodated in the car and they leave.

Pyarelal sees that Raj Kumar is using his car to meet Sheila. When Raj Kumar returns the car to the garage, he is almost beaten up for using the car as well as using someone else’s suit. But, he loses his job. While leaving Pyarelal tells Raj Kumar to meet him, if he needed a job. At this point, Maina (Minoo Mumtaz), a nautch girl, who lives nearby and loves Raj Kumar, sings this song, which is completely relevant to the situation.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and the music was composed by Madan Mohan.

The gist of the song is, “I have lost my heart to you. You explain the situation to my heart. It is not in my control.”

Video: Cinematography is by Ratan L Nagar. Dance choreography is by Satyanarayan.

The video begins with Shekhar deep in thoughts. The camera pans to a first-floor window where Minoo Mumtaz begins this song. She also begins to dance in tune with the song. Shekhar climbs up the stairs and is engrossed in the song. Minoo Mumtaz dances around Shekhar. She gives Shekhar a plate full of prepared betel leaves (pan).

There are other men watching her dance. Johnny Walker follows his friend to the first floor and finds him enticed by the song. Shekhar is still holding the plate full of prepared betel leaves in front of him without doing anything. Johnny Walker picks up one of them and is about to put it in his mouth happily. Jeevan (a nautch girl broker, in the movie) eyes the friends suspiciously.

Johnny Walker drops the pan on the plate and tries to shake his friend out of his reverie. He is unsuccessful in it and leaves the place in a hurry, leaving his friend behind. Minoo Mumtaz continues to perform the song. Jeevan realizes that Shekhar is harmless and he also leaves. Soon, the song peters out and the video ends as Minoo Mumtaz takes a bow, mujra-style

Artists: The playback singer is Asha Bhonsle and onscreen performances are by Minoo Mumtaz, Shekhar, Johnny Walker, Jeevan and others.

Cultural influence: The hero has fallen in love with the heroine and Minoo Mumtaz sings about it. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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