Preview: Rumpke Mountain Boys at The Hi-Fi


There’s something to be said for a good bluegrass band. The amount of energy that can come out of a few acoustic instruments in front of a live audience is incredible. As March rolls ever closer, The Hi-Fi looks to bring the energy, excitement, and fun of bluegrass to fans of the genre with a concert featuring two touring bluegrass bands: Rumpke Mountain Boys, and Kitchen Dwellers.

Rumpke Mountain Boys

The Rumpke Mountain Boys hail from Cincinnati, Ohio, and are committed to crafting foot-stomping, psychedelic bluegrass jams. The band’s Facebook profile gives some insight into the Rumpke Mountain Boys range, style, and sense of humor.

“Drawing upon a growing catalog of originals and and an eclectic mix of covers, the Rumpke Mountain Boys blend music like a fine Irish whiskey– the result affectionately dubbed Trashgrass”.

The Rumpke Mountain Boys released their album “Moon” in 2013. Their second, and most recent release, “High Time, Low Tide”, came out in 2016. More than studio releases, the band releases a good deal of live recordings from shows. You can find more of their music on Soundcloud, or by visiting their website.

The Rumpke Mountain Boys are Adam Copeland (guitar, vocals), Ben Gourley (mandolin, vocals), J.D. Westmoreland (upright bass, vocals), and Jason Wolf (banjo, dobro, harmonica, saw, vocals). To learn more about the Rumpke Mountain Boys, you can find them on Facebook.

Kitchen Dwellers

The Kitchen Dwellers fall under the same broad category as the Rumpke Mountain Boys. Lots of bluegrass, lots of jamming, and a touch of psychedelic weirdness for flavor. The Dwellers are from Bozeman, Montana where they formed together as a band in 2010. Rather than calling themselves ‘trashgrass’, however, the Kitchen Dwellers prefer the (perhaps more dignified) term: ‘Galaxy Grass’.

Kitchen Dwellers released their debut, self-titled album in 2013. Their second, and most recent, “Ghost in the Bottle”, came out in 2017.

The members of the Kitchen Dwellers are Joe Funk (bass, vocals), Shawn Swain (mandolin, vocals), Torrin Daniels (mandolin, vocals), and Max Davies (guitar, vocals). For more information on the Kitchen Dwellers, you can visit their website. You can also find Kitchen Dwellers on Facebook.


The show with Rumpke Mountain Boys and Kitchen Dwellers starts at 9:00 pm on Sunday, March 4th. The doors to The Hi-Fi will open at 8:00 pm, and tickets range from ten to twelve dollars.


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