Late Lyricist Khumar Barabankvi’s Death Anniversary


Born Mohammad Haidar Khan, Khumar Barabankvi expired this day in 1999. Khumar Sahab was an Urdu poet and Bollywood lyricist. He attended a mushaira in Bombay (Mumbai now) in 1945, in the presence of the director A R Kardar and music composer Naushad Sahab. His poetry and ghazals impressed them and he was invited by the stalwarts to pen a few songs for Kardar’s movies. The director was making Shahjahan at that time. Khumar Sahab and Majrooh Sultanpuri Sahab wrote the songs for this movie. All the songs were super hits.

He penned lyrics for movies like Shahjahan (1946), Dil Ki Basti (1949), Roop Lekha (1949), Adhi Raat (1965), Hulchal (1951), Rukhsana (1955), Shahzada (1955), Mehfil (1957) and Mehndi (1958). He became a successful lyricist. But, he preferred attending mushairas rather than writing lyrics for Bollywood. He was not happy with the falling standards of poetry in movies and stayed away from Bollywood for a long time. Naushad convinced him and brought him back to write for K Asif’s Love and God. But, soon after that, the poet left Bollywood altogether and settled in Barabanki.

Bollywood and Khumar Barabankvi: Some songs penned by him are:

Chaah barbad karegi hamein maloom na tha Shahjahan (1946)

Tum ho jao hamare Roop Lekha (1949)

Hasrat bhari nazar ko tera intezar Dil Ki Basti (1949)

Loot liya mera qaraar Hulchal (1951)

Bhula nahin dena ji bhula nahin dena Baradari (1955)

Tasveer banata hoon Baradari (1955)


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