Jesse Malin – Outsiders – Vinyl

Jesse Malin – Outsiders – Vinyl
Jesse Malin – Outsiders – Vinyl
Artist: Jesse Malin
UPC: 5016958996970
Vinyl LP Pressing. Back in March 2015 Jesse Malin returned with his first album in five years, New York Before the War, a hymn to everything Malin believes in most: respecting your roots, grabbing the future by it’s throat, and creating a soundtrack for a life filled with meaning. Outsiders meanwhile, recorded concurrently to that record is an altogether different beast. And Jesse is no slouch when it comes to writing either – that album’s 13 tracks were pared down from close to forty songs and post release it was apparent that there was a great deal of quality material left over. More significantly than that, Malin realized that the songs were thematically similar – “Outsiders is a record built out of optimism and disgust,” says Jesse. “It’s really in my own dark bubble while we were recording it. We all made a deal to stay off the phone and the net during the making of this record, and it felt good to just live in the moment – we just let it roll.”
Track List:
[Disc 1]
1. Outsiders (2:47)
2. San Francisco (3:50)
3. Here’s the Situation (2:59)
4. Society Sally (3:31)
5. Edward Hopper (3:52)
6. White Stone City Limits (3:10)
[Disc 2]
1. Stay Free (3:27)
2. The Hustlers (3:06)
3. All Bets Are Off (3:24)
4. In the Summertime (3:52)
5. You Know When It’s Dark Atheists Start to Pray (6:10)
 Format  VINYL LP
 Genre  ROCK
 UPC  5016958996970
 Artist  Jesse Malin
 Release Date  11/20/2015

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