Pete Rock – Petestrumentals 2 – Vinyl

Pete Rock – Petestrumentals 2 – Vinyl
Pete Rock – Petestrumentals 2 – Vinyl
Petestrumentals 2
Artist: Pete Rock
UPC: 888608665872
The evidence of Pete Rock’s legacy bangs in his latest opus, ‘Petestrumentals 2,’ the sequel to the 2001 classic that helped define the hip-hop instrumental record. It marks the legend’s first album on Mello Music Group, a fitting union between the author of the boom-bap blueprint and the label that’s expanded upon his legacy.
Track List:
1. Heaven & Earth
2. PR 4 Prez
3. Cosmic Slop
4. 0N & on
5. Beat Gaes on
6. Clap Ya Hands (I Feel Good)
7. My My Baby
8. I Wish
9. One, Two, a Few More
10. Air Smoove
11. Gonna Love You
12. 90’s Class Act (Ek)
13. Justice (Brotherhood & Understanding) Skit
14. Accelerate
15. Make Me Feel Like
16. Dilla Bounce (R.I.P.)
17. Play Yo Horn
18. Bbjones
19. Rootz, Reggae, Kulcha
20. You Know Dat
 Format  VINYL LP
 UPC  888608665872
 Artist  Pete Rock
 Release Date  06/23/2015

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