Motorcycle Black Madonnas – These Days – Vinyl

Motorcycle Black Madonnas – These Days – Vinyl
Motorcycle Black Madonnas – These Days – Vinyl
These Days
Artist: Motorcycle Black Madonnas
UPC: 53477316914
Vinyl LP pressing of the L.A. rockers’ 2015 album. The Motorcycle Black Madonnas’ 2005 debut release It’s Everywhere, a nod to their east coast influences, established the Motorcycle Black Madonnas as an important contributor to Los Angeles’ underground rock scene. Motorcycle Black Madonnas second album, These Days, crystallizes the band’s many influences and experiences over the last decade. The end result is a blend of Psychedelia, Punk, Folk and Hard Rock that is definitive Los Angeles in tone and spirit, evoking the beauty, desperation and power of Southern California’s most notable underground bands.und bands.
Track List:
1. Sliding Into Red
2. These Days
3. Point of View
4. We’re So Sensitive
5. You Can’t Make Me
6. Taking the Fall
7. New Life
8. That Was Then, This Is Now
9. Need Your Lovin’
10. Trust
11. Misunderstanding, Understanding, Forgiveness
12. I Wish You Had
 Format  VINYL LP
 Genre  ROCK
 UPC  53477316914
 Artist  Motorcycle Black Madonnas
 Release Date  08/14/2015

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