Mad Season – Live At The Moore (Gate) (Ogv) – Vinyl

Mad Season – Live At The Moore (Gate) (Ogv) – Vinyl
Mad Season – Live At The Moore (Gate) (Ogv) – Vinyl
Live At The Moore (Gate) (Ogv)
Artist: Mad Season
UPC: 888751006218
Limited double vinyl LP pressing On January 30, 2015, surviving Mad Season members Mike McCready and Barrett Martin performed selections from the band’s repertoire at a unique 20th anniversary event, Mad Season Sonic Evolution, featuring the Seattle Symphony and guest artists including Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell (filling in for the late Layne Staley), Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron and Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan. Mad Season was formed in Seattle, Washington in 1994 by members of three popular Seattle-based bands: Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Screaming Trees. Mad Season released only one album, Above, and is best known for the single “River of Deceit”. The band went on a semi-permanent hiatus in 1996 due to the band members’ conflicting schedules and vocalist Layne Staley’s problems with substance abuse.
Track List:
[Disc 1]
[Disc 1]
1. Wake Up
[Disc 1]
2. Lifeless Dead
3. Artificial Red
4. River of Deceit
[Disc 2]
2. I Don’t Wanna Be a Soldier
[Disc 1]
6. Long Gone Day
[Disc 2]
1. I’m Above
[Disc 2]
2. I Don’t Know Anything
[Disc 3]
3. X-Ray Mind
[Disc 2]
4. All Alone
[Disc 4]
2. November Hotel
 Format  VINYL LP
 Genre  ROCK
 UPC  888751006218
 Artist  Mad Season
 Release Date  08/28/2015

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