Palaxy Tracks – Wilderness – Vinyl

Palaxy Tracks – Wilderness – Vinyl
Palaxy Tracks – Wilderness – Vinyl
Artist: Palaxy Tracks
UPC: 655035025216
Vinyl LP pressing. 2015 album from Brandon Durham AKA Palaxy Tracks. Durham is now not quite 43, the year he thought a man “gets handsome.” He and his husband live in a New York City apartment with an 80-pound dog and two cats. He works for the typographers Hoefler & Co. Things are good. Then, after ten years, he picks up a guitar again, and songs come out: a song about memories of a home invasion (“Slow Dancing”), a song about an affair with a married man (“Non-Fiction”), a song about the Octopus Project (“Die Young”), a song about ghosts rising from the floor and young families hanging by their necks from trees (“The Afterlives”), a song about a cat named Thurston (“Weird Weather”), songs about childhood, secrets and desire, songs of the sounds made in the wilderness. We are the animals there.
Track List:
1. An Episode
2. O R P H A N S
3. Die Young
4. There Is a Sound
5. Slow Dancing
6. Pennies
7. The Afterlives
8. Non-Fiction
9. Words in a Jar
10. Bless This Mess
11. Pareidolia
12. Weird Weather
 Format  VINYL LP
 Genre  ROCK
 UPC  655035025216
 Artist  Palaxy Tracks
 Release Date  04/14/2015

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