Can – Soundtracks – Vinyl

Can – Soundtracks – Vinyl
Can – Soundtracks – Vinyl
Artist: Can
UPC: 724596942512
SOUNDTRACKS is a compilation album, first released in 1970, consisting of tracks written for film. The album marks the departure of the band’s original vocalist Malcolm Mooney, who sings on two tracks, to be replaced by new member Damo Suzuki. ‘Don’t Turn the Light On, Leave Me Alone’ is Damo Suzuki’s first recorded performance with Can.
Track List:
1. Deadlock
2. Tango Whiskyman
3. Deadlock
4. Don’t Turn the Light on, Leave Me Alone
5. Soul Desert
6. Mother Sky
7. She Brings The Rain
 Format  VINYL LP
 Genre  ROCK
 UPC  724596942512
 Artist  Can
 Release Date  09/02/2014

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