Jacuzzi Boys – Jacuzzi Boys (Ltd) (Mpdl) – Vinyl

Jacuzzi Boys – Jacuzzi Boys (Ltd) (Mpdl) – Vinyl
Jacuzzi Boys – Jacuzzi Boys (Ltd) (Mpdl) – Vinyl
Jacuzzi Boys (Ltd) (Mpdl)
Artist: Jacuzzi Boys
UPC: 98787307412
Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Miami FL’s always colorful, never dull, Jacuzzi Boys have created another sonic masterpiece to add to their astonishing catalog of pop, glam, double-hubble rock! Album opener “Be My Prism” pops and sizzles while tracks like “Double Vision,” “Dust,” and “Domino Moon” excite the night until you see the sunlight. “Black Gloves” provides a cool bedroom breeze while flowers melt when they hear the gorgeous album stand out “Heavy Horse.”
Track List:
1. Be My Prism
2. Black Gloves
3. Double Vision
4. Dust
5. Rubble
6. Over the Zoom
7. Guillotine
8. Heavy Horse
9. Hotline
10. Domino Moon
11. Ultraglide
 Format  VINYL LP
 UPC  98787307412
 Artist  Jacuzzi Boys
 Release Date  09/10/2013

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