Hank 3 – Brothers Of The 4X4 – Vinyl

Hank 3 – Brothers Of The 4X4 – Vinyl
Hank 3 – Brothers Of The 4X4 – Vinyl
Brothers Of The 4X4
Artist: Hank 3
UPC: 20286214434
Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 two CD release from singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hank Williams, III. Brothers of the 4×4 is a traditional Country album. Hank III wrote, recorded, produced, and played all of the drums and acoustic guitar on the record, while using his stable of friends for all of the lead parts, including Andy Gibson, Zach Shedd, Billy Contreras, David McElfish, Daniel Mason, and a guest appearance by banjo champion Leroy Troy.
Track List:
1. Nearly Gone
2. Hurtin for Certain
3. Brother of the 4X4
4. Farthest Away
5. Held Up
6. Outdoor Plan
7. Deep Scars
8. Lookey Yonder Commin
9. Ain’t Broken Down
10. Overdrive
11. Loners 4 Life
12. Dreadful Drive
13. Gettin Dim
14. Possum in a Tree
15. Broken Boogie
16. Toothpickin
 Format  VINYL LP
 UPC  20286214434
 Artist  Hank 3
 Release Date  09/30/2013

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