Thee Sgt Major Iii – Idea Factory – Vinyl

Thee Sgt Major Iii – Idea Factory – Vinyl
Thee Sgt Major Iii – Idea Factory – Vinyl
Idea Factory
Artist: Thee Sgt Major Iii
UPC: 751937396925
In 1979, legendary Seattle guitarist/producer Kurt Bloch formed The Fastbacks. They made bright, tight and explosive music that wasn’t quite Punk, not quite Pop and totally distinct. When they disbanded in 2001 Bloch initiated a new band, Sgt. Major, recruiting Young Fresh Fellows band mate Jim Sangster and ex-Posie Mike Musburger. In 2007 the current incarnation took shape with Leslie Beattie (Cantona, Flatpack) on vocals. Their debut, The Idea Factory, contains Bloch’s trademark wit, optimism and feisty schoolboy angst. The 13 songs are a sort of controlled explosion, the recipe for which: take a 1960’s pop music machine and stuff it with The Who and some Ramonesy punk rock. This is the VINYL release of the CD solicited in August.
Track List:
1. As I Do
2. Ice Cold 10
3. Battery Operated
4. What Am I Gonna Do?
5. Into the Rhizome
6. Help Is On the Way
7. New Painter Man
8. Everything is New
9. Information Seminar
10. Five and Dime
11. The Forgotten Three
12. They Should’ve Known
13. All I Don’t Know
 Format  VINYL LP
 Genre  ROCK
 UPC  751937396925
 Artist  Thee Sgt Major Iii
 Release Date  10/19/2010

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