Rafu – Ronkini Gupta – Shantanu Ghatak | Tumhari Sullu (2017)


Movie: This song appeared in 2017 hit Ellipsis Entertainment and T-Series’ dramedy Tumhari Sullu (Your Sullu) directed by Suresh Triveni and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Tanuj Garg, Atul Kasbekar and Shanti Sivaram Maini. The movie starred Vidya Balan, Manav Kaul, Neha Dhupia, etc.

Sulochana Dubey aka Sullu (Vidya Balan) is a Virar-based middle-class housewife living with her family. She and her husband, Ashok Dubey (Manav Kaul) have a happy life with their 11-year old son Pranav (Abhishek Sharma). She wants to be a working woman but being a school-dropout; she cannot do any of the white collar jobs. Her 2 elder twin sisters are always critical of her achievements and ridicule her business ideas that failed. She likes to participate in contests and always wins some prize or the other. Ashok is a manager in a tailoring company. The job is frustrating because other than him the other workers are elderly, including the owners. They are all unreasonable and unresponsive.

One day, Sullu wins a contest by her favorite radio station and she receives a call from R J Albeli (R J Malishka). Upon request by Albeli, Sullu sings a retro song that the people at the radio station find funny. She has won a pressure cooker and she is told to pick it up from the radio station. When she visits the radio station, she observes an ad calling candidates to apply for the post of RJ. She asks for the form and is initially ridiculed by Albeli and the receptionist. Albeli takes her to her boss Maria (Neha Dhupia), who gives Sullu her card after a hilarious audition. Sullu has to speak seductively over the mike for the audition. Once home, she calls the local grocery man and asks seductively for a broom. He thinks it is some newcomer in the building and goes there to find the flat on the 5th floor. There is no fifth floor and he realizes that someone had played a prank on him.

Sullu also uses the seductive voice to speak to her husband over the phone and tells him to come home early, driving him mad. The next day, Sullu calls Maria several times, to inform her that she is interested in the job. Maria is in a prolonged meeting and is unable to receive her calls. Sullu is saddened and shares a few messages with Maria indicating the same. Maria, soon, realizes that Sullu would probably be the right person for the job and hires her. She is expected to do the show at night. Initially, Ashok is upset with her decision, which she took without first talking to him. But, he relents after meeting Maria, due to his love for his wife, particularly because the company is ready to provide her the facility of pickup and drop.

When she begins her job, she handles a tricky caller on her own, very smartly. After her first night at it, she is censured by her own sisters. On the other hand, the owner’s grandson, who has taken over the tailoring company, ill-treats Ashok. Ashok wants to leave the job. In a frustrating moment, he and Sullu almost fight that night. But, the next day being Sunday, at Sullu’s suggestion, they go for an outing. Sullu buys some jewelry with a gift coupon that she had received. At this time, this song is heard in the background.

Song: The lyrics and the music of this song were by Shantanu Ghatak.

The girl says, “I have woven this world with several types of threads. The threads are made of sunlight and shade. Some distances have been stitched by you. I have mended some of them.”

Video: Cinematographer is Saurabh Goswami.

The video opens with Manav Kaul turning away from Vidya Balan on the bed. Vidya Balan is hurt and gets up from the bed. The song begins in the background. It is morning and Vidya Balan finds his arm on her and gets up putting it aside gently. She wraps a dupatta about her shoulder. Manav Kaul also gets up and wears the red kurta and sunglasses that she had bought for him.

Vidya Balan takes a selfie with Manav Kaul and Abhishek Sharma from inside their car. They visit a jeweler and she buys some jewelry for herself. She looks for approval at Manav Kaul. But, he is busy looking elsewhere. Then, they are back in the car. Vidya Balan participates in a game in their society. Since she is busy looking at her husband for approval, she loses the game.

The next day, Vidya Balan runs into Neha Dhupia’s cabin and blurts about some issue. R J Malishka hides a smile. Neha Dhupia reassures Vidya Balan about the issue. When she comes out and meets Manav Kaul, both feel happy about something. It’s night and Manav Kaul and Abhishek Sharma drop her at the radio station. She enters her workplace with happiness.

The security guard salutes her. The song peters out and the video ends there.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Ronkini Gupta and the onscreen performances are by Vidya Balan, Manav Kaul, Abhishek Sharma and others.

Cultural Influence: This typically filmi song shows how the heroine manages certain domestic issues to continue her job as an R J. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.

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