Preview: Mungion w/ 800 lb. Gorilla at the Mousetrap

Photo Credit Zach Stone

On Friday, March 2nd, the first Friday of the month, The Mousetrap Bar and Grill will be welcoming a two phenomenal and fun jam bands to their stage. The first, 800 lb. Gorilla, is one that all frequent guests at the Mousetrap should know by now. The second is Mungion, a Chicago-based jam band.

800 lb. Gorilla

800 lb. Gorilla is an Indianapolis funk, rock, and groove band that has played the Mousetrap on more than several occasions, as well as other venues across town.

The band formed in 2007, but didn’t release their first, self-titled EP until 2014. Since its release, however, 800 lb. Gorilla has become increasingly prolific.. “El Nino” released in 2016, and 2017 saw an outrageous spike in output with two singles, “Sky Glow” and “Mexico”, and one album, “Commander Wax”.

The members of 800 lb. Gorilla are Dan Humphrey (lead vocals), Kwame Newton (sax, keyboard), Mark Humphrey (guitar, vocals), Byron Boler (drums), and Connor Allen (bass).

You can find out more about 800 lb. Gorilla by visiting their website. You can also find them on Facebook, and listen to them on Bandcamp.


Mungion (pronounced mung-yin) is a Chicago-based funk and groove band with a penchant for memorable live performances. Their Facebook profile states what the band believes they’re best known for.

“Known for their whimsical songs and goofy stage antics, Mungion’s joyous presence is a natural extension of its members, making for live performances that are infectiously lighthearted and deeply sincere”. Granted, this is written by the band with the sole purpose of promoting the band, so maybe take that with a grain of salt.

So far, Mungion has a single album to their name, their debut “Scary Blankets”, which released in 2016. The members of Mungion are Justin Reckamp (guitar, vocals), Joe Re (keys, vocals), Sean Carolan (bass, vocals), and Matt Kelen (drums, vocals).

To learn more about Mungion, you can visit their website. You can also listen to “Scary Blankets” on their Bandcamp page. And, as always, you can of course find them on Facebook.


The show with Mungion and 800 lb. Gorilla starts at 10:00 pm on Friday, March 2nd. Doors to The Mousetrap open at 8:00 pm, and tickets are five dollars in advance, and seven at the door.


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