Preview: Kublai Khan at The Hoosier Dome


On Friday, March 2nd, The Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis will be hosting a trio of metal bands. Headlining for the night will be Kublai Khan from Sherman, Texas. Another Texas band, I AM, will be performing as well. And rounding things off will be a performance by the Philadelphia-based metal band Varials.

Kublai Khan

To be more precise, Kublai Khan is a metalcore band that, makes, as they state it, “Energetic, aggressive, and passionate music”. If you haven’t heard them before, you’ll have to take them at their word, or see if their performance matches up for yourself.

Kublai Khan released their debut EP “Youth War” in 2011. Since then, they have come out with three others. “Balancing Survival and Happiness”, in 2014, “”New Strength” in 2015, and their most recent to date, “Nomad” in 2017.

Kublai Khan consists of Nolan Ashley, Matt Honeycutt, Isaac Lamb, and Eric English. To find out more, you can visit their website, or find them on Facebook.


Varials is a Philadelphia metal-quintet. The group released several singles before coming out with their debut EP “Failure // Control”, in 2015. Their most recent release is the split EP, “Absolution Split”, which came out in 2016.

Varials consists of Travis Tabron (vocals), Mitchell Rogers (guitar), James Hohenwarter (guitar), Sean Rauchet (drums), and Mike Foley (bass). You can find out more about Varials by visiting their Facebook page. You can also listen to “Failure // Control” and “Absolution Split” on the Varials Bandcamp page.


I AM, like Kublai Khan, hail from Texas. They’re a death metal group from Dallas that released their debut EP, “Global Control EP” in 2013. Since then, I AM has released three additional albums. “Rituals” in 2014, “Memento Mori” in 2015, and their most recent, “Life Through Torment” in 2017.

The members of I AM are Andrew Hileman (vocals), Tom Reyes (guitar), Chris Burgess (guitar), Austin Loughmiller (bass), and Ian Scott (drums). To learn more, you can find I AM on both Facebook and Bandcamp.


The show with Kublai Khan, Varials, and I AM starts at 6:00 pm on Friday, March 2nd at The Hoosier Dome. Tickets are thirteen dollars if bought in advance, and fifteen at the door.

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