Nomo – Invisible Cities – Vinyl

Nomo – Invisible Cities – Vinyl
Nomo – Invisible Cities – Vinyl
Invisible Cities
Artist: Nomo
UPC: 780661125013
With a theme stolen from Italian novelist Italo Calvino, each tune on “Invisible Cities” is a little world of it’s own, dense with rhythm and timbre. Hot horns blaze through intersecting lines, heavy percussion drives the band down winding streets, the bass rumbles in some subterranean corridor. This record is the follow-up to “Ghost Rock” and is informed by the band’s ceaseless traveling and visits to places both real and unreal. NOMO busts up genres and musical borders with astonishing results. RIYL: Konono No. 1, Can, Fela Kuti, Mia, Moondog, Mulatu, Talking Heads.
Track List:
1. Invisible Cities
2. Bumbo
3. Waiting
4. Crescent
5. Patterns
6. Ma
7. Banners on High
8. Elijah
9. Nocturne
 Format  VINYL LP
 UPC  780661125013
 Artist  Nomo
 Release Date  05/05/2009

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