Indigo Girls – Poseidon & The Bitter Bug (Ltd) – Vinyl

Indigo Girls – Poseidon & The Bitter Bug (Ltd) – Vinyl
Indigo Girls – Poseidon & The Bitter Bug (Ltd) – Vinyl
Poseidon & The Bitter Bug (Ltd)
Artist: Indigo Girls
UPC: 15707993418
Produced by the renowned Mitchell Froom, POSEIDON AND THE BITTER BUG finds iconic Georgia folk duo Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, better known as Indigo Girls, moving into ambitious territory. The first disc is comprised of 10 songs augmented with full band orchestrations while the second disc features stripped-down acoustic versions of those same songs. While Indigo Girls flirt with pop, rock, folk, and even subtle hints of country throughout their 11th studio offering, the lyrics reflect a melancholy and weary tone not evident on their earlier recordings. Still, POSEIDEN AND THE BITTER BUG remains a cohesive effort that will satisfy the diehard fans and perhaps attract some uninitiated listeners.
Track List:
1. Digging for Your Dream [Band Version]
2. Sugar Tongue [Band Version]
3. Love of Our Lives [Band Version]
4. Driver Education [Band Version]
5. I’ll Change [Band Version]
6. Second Time Around [Band Version]
7. What Are You Like? [Band Version]
8. Ghost of the Gang [Band Version]
9. Fleet of Hope [Band Version]
10. True Romantic [Band Version]
 Format  VINYL LP
 UPC  15707993418
 Artist  Indigo Girls
 Release Date  06/30/2009

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