Fences – Fences – Vinyl

Fences – Fences – Vinyl
Fences – Fences – Vinyl
Artist: Fences
UPC: 884502667042
Chris Mansfield fancies himself a fuck-up. Through the ten songs that make up the self-titled full-length from Fences, the 27-year-old musician’s band, the singer and songwriter sings, in his resigned baritone how he just can’t seem to get it right – love, life, family – again and again. That might be right, but if Mansfield’s growing international fanbase, which includes the album’s producer Sara Quin, of Tegan and Sara, shows anything, it’s that Mansfield can do no wrong with his songs.
Track List:
1. Boys Around Here
2. Girls With Accents
3. Hands
4. My Girl the Horse
5. Fires
6. The Same Tattoos
7. From Roses
8. Sadie
9. Your Bones
10. From Russia with
 Format  VINYL LP
 Genre  FOLK
 UPC  884502667042
 Artist  Fences
 Release Date  09/28/2010

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