Eddie Vedder – Into The Wild (Ogv) – Vinyl

Eddie Vedder – Into The Wild (Ogv) – Vinyl
Eddie Vedder – Into The Wild (Ogv) – Vinyl
Into The Wild (Ogv)
Artist: Eddie Vedder
UPC: 8713748980405
INTO THE WILD, a soundtrack to the Sean Penn film of the same name features 11 original tunes from Vedder that largely fit the mold of “Hard Sun.” Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker and blues harmonica veteran Charlie Musselwhite join Vedder in creating the cinematic atmosphere, but it’s Vedder’s voice that carries the show. Pearl Jam fans will find this release a surprising, but satisfying, change of pace.
Track List:
1. Setting Forth (1:37)
2. No Ceiling (1:34)
3. Far Behind (2:15)
4. Rise (2:36)
5. Long Nights (2:32)
6. Tuolumne (1:00)
7. Guaranteed (Humming Vocal) (2:36)
8. Hard Sun (5:22)
9. Society (3:56)
10. The Wolf (1:32)
11. End Of The Road (3:19)
12. Guaranteed (2:40)
 Format  VINYL LP
 UPC  8713748980405
 Artist  Eddie Vedder
 Release Date  10/05/2010

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