Preview: Pallbearer plays The Hi-Fi


On Wednesday, February 28th, heavy and psychedelic rock lovers will be making their way to the Hi-Fi in Fountain Square, Indianapolis for a triple-feature show. Headlining the show will be Pallbearer. Also sharing the stage at The Hi-Fi will be Ruby The Hatchet, and Drude.


Pallbearer is a heavy metal band from Little Rock, Arkansas. They released their first demo back in 2010, and have since come out with three additional albums. Pallbearer’s most recent album came out in 2017, and is titled “Heartless”.

While Pallbearer has a history of leaning on the “very” side of heavy metal, their latest album marks a change toward rock. The Hi-Fi’s event page offers some more information on the album. “The band offers a complex sonic architecture that weaves together the spacious exploratory elements of classic prog, the raw anthemics of 90’s alt-rock, and stretches of black-lit proto-metal”.

The members of Pallbearer are Brett Campbell (vocals, guitar), Devin Holt (guitar), Joseph D. Rowland (bass), and Mark Lierly (drums). For more information on Pallbearer, you can visit their website. You can also find Pallbearer on Facebook.

Ruby The Hatchet

Ruby The Hatchet is a psychedelic rock group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They released their debut album, “Ouroboros” in 2012. Since then, Ruby The Hatchet has released four others. “Eliminator EP” came out in 2014, and 2015 saw the release of both “Aurum”, and “Valley of the Snake”. Their most recent album, “Planetary Space Child”, came out in 2017.

The members of Ruby The Hatchet are Jillian Taylor (vocals), Johnny Scarps (guitar), Lake Muir (bass), Owen Stewart (drums), and Sean Hur (organ). You can find out more about Ruby The Hatchet by visiting their website, Facebook, or Bandcamp.


Drude is a local Indianapolis band with an interesting mix of prog rock and metal to their sound. Currently, Drude has released one, self-titled EP, that came out last year.

Drude’s Bandcamp profile sums up their mission-statement pretty well. “In a musical environment where attention spans are null, Drude make music that grates directly against that simple fact”.

The three members who make up Drude are Jordan Smith, Corey Clark, and Dyllen Nance. For more information regarding Drude, you can visit their Bandcamp page. you can also find Drude on Facebook.


The show featuring Pallbearer, Ruby The Hatchet, and Drude, will start at 8:00 pm on Wednesday, February 28th. Doors at The Hi-Fi will open at 7:00 pm. Tickets are twenty dollars pre-sale, and twenty-five at the door.


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